RHOBH’s Sutton Stracke Shares Update With Dorit After “Damaging” Drinking Claims, & Status With Kyle, Plus Talks Denise, Annemarie’s Esophagus Drama and Blacking Out at Reunion

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RHOBH's Sutton Stracke on Where She Stands With Dorit After "Damaging" Drinking Claims, Working Through "Trust" Issues With Kyle, and Denise, Plus Not Caring About Annemarie's Esophagus Drama and Blacking Out at Reunion

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Sutton Stracke is offering an update on where she stands with Dorit Kemsley and Kyle Richards following the 13th season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

In addition to commenting on Denise Richards‘ potential role on season 14, explaining why she wasn’t all that upset about Annemarie Wiley‘s ongoing questions about her esophagus, and reflecting on her reunion blackout, Sutton, 52, shaded Dorit, 47, for her damaging claims about her drinking and confirmed she and Kyle, 55, are working through their past issues.

“I have not spoken to Dorit since I got ushered out and taken to the hospital,” she confirmed during a March 11 interview with Entertainment Tonight. “I think I said what I needed to say to Dorit at the reunion, as far as that is concerned. We all know it’s not true.”

“We need to really stop the rumors about me having a drinking problem, it’s enough,” Sutton noted. “It can be really damaging to me as a [businesswoman]. It’s not true, and I just really want to be on the record saying that, and also the eating disorder thing: I ate on set. I had breakfast. We had a lunch.”

While Sutton also had a “rough year” with Kyle, the two of them are now working on reestablishing their friendship.

“We just had dinner last week and it was nice, it was very calm,” she revealed. “We have a lot of work to do with one another, to build this friendship back, trust being the biggest factor, but I think the underlying part is that, we are friends at the end of the day and want the best for each other. So I think it’s very hopeful.”

Sutton is also hoping to see more of Denise, 52, on the show.

“Denise is great, just you know, she’s a little kooky, but so am I,” Sutton reasoned. “Maybe that’s why we get along, but Denise is also very smart. … She’s very clued-in, even though we’re kind of similar. Like, we might come off kind of clueless and weird, but she’s not at all.”

Although Annemarie’s future on RHOBH is also up in the air, Sutton didn’t seem opposed to her return.

“I didn’t care,” Sutton said. “I mean, the great news– it was interesting, because I’ve gotten so many people talking about their esophageal problems, and I was like, OK, this is cool. Let’s get that out there. Anything I can do to help other people, I am all about. So, thank you, Annemarie, for helping bring awareness to something that I actually have.”

Looking back at the January taping of the reunion, Sutton recalled asking Garcelle Beauvais, 57, if it was hot on set.

“She was like, ‘Girl, no. It’s freezing!'” Sutton shared. “And I kept pushing and pushing and pushing, and the room spun and kind of went upside down and I remember grabbing onto Garcelle.”

According to Sutton, she eventually blacked out.

“My body went into a shock,” she revealed. “I think my blood pressure was 175 over 120, and I couldn’t stop my legs from shaking. It was really crazy.”

“I started throwing up everywhere, literally on the floor,” she continued. “The doctor said, ‘You need to get to the emergency room,’ and I was like, ‘In the ambulance?!’ Like, I had to get in an ambulance, on a gurney. We get in the ambulance — this was a funny part of it — Garcelle said, ‘Oh, I’ve never been in an ambulance!’ Well, thank you. I’m glad that I can provide you this opportunity to get in an ambulance, ma’am. But I just kept falling asleep in and out and in and out, and I was cold and hot, and cold and hot.”

After four hours in the emergency room with Garcelle, Sutton was diagnosed with exhaustion, dehydration, and bronchitis. Meanwhile, the reunion continued, leaving Sutton with many things unsaid.

“I did have more things to say, and I am sure Garcelle did, as well,” she stated. “I think [Crystal Kung-Minkoff] probably took the torch and probably did a good job, but you know, she’s always great and she was very vocal. I was starting to really lose some of my velocity near the end, because I really did not feel well, but Crystal was holding her own. I think she’s a champ.”

As the 13th season of RHOBH comes to a close, Sutton said the future is bright for the cast.

“We finally started to have fun, and I think we kind of dusted off the cobwebs a little bit,” she said. “I like to see all that crazy glamour, and Beverly Hills really sparkly. That’s why we have diamonds!”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 13 reunion, part three, airs Wednesday, March 13, at 8/7c on Bravo.