Mauricio Umansky on Why He’s Never Asked Kyle If She’s Dating Morgan, Their “Connection,” and Kyle Checking Out of Their Marriage, Plus Addresses Rumor That “Kyle is Sleeping Around With Morgan” and Moving Out

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Mauricio Umansky Shares What Led to Split From Kyle Richards & Explains Why He Never Asked If She's Dating Morgan Despite Their "Connection," Plus Talks "Fighting" for Marriage After Kyle Checked Out and Moving Out

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Mauricio Umansky opened up about the rumors surrounding estranged wife Kyle Richardsalleged romance with country singer Morgan Wade on the second season of Buying Beverly Hills, which was released on Friday.

As he also spoke of his efforts to reconcile his decades-long marriage to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 55, admitted to thinking she was no longer in love with him, and addressed the possibility of moving out of their shared home in Encino, California, Mauricio, 53, said that when it came to the speculation about Kyle and Morgan, he avoiding asking Kyle directly.

“There’s a lot of news on the two of them: Are they dating, are they not dating? Honestly, I never asked straight up,” Mauricio admitted to a colleague on his Netflix series, via Daily Mail. “They definitely have some sort of connection together, there’s no doubt about that. They spend a lot of time together. What that connection is, I have no idea. One of the reasons I don’t want to ask is I don’t want to put the extra pressure on her. If it’s working for her and giving her the opportunity to be dealing with our separation and what we’re dealing with, then I’m good with that.”

Mauricio also spoke of Morgan in a confessional.

“Morgan Wade’s a country star. There are lot of rumors that are going around that Kyle is sleeping around with Morgan,” he told cameras, via Us Weekly. “I gotta tell you, I don’t believe she’s got anything going on with Morgan. Maybe I’m the only dumb*ss that doesn’t, but I actually don’t believe she has anything going on with Morgan.”

While Mauricio may not have felt that Kyle’s relationship with Morgan was romantic, he could feel her check out of their marriage.

“She’s a little bit checked out. I certainly have reached out and wanted to kiss her and she kind of said no,” he revealed in a confessional. “I’m starting to see that and feel that and I’m not there. I am still, you know, 100 percent fighting for our relationship and I am still thinking that I’m going to be married to her for the rest of my life.”

“We’ve gone to couples therapy now three times with the intention of trying to work on the marriage to try to understand and communicate with each other. So that I can understand a bit more what’s really bothering Kyle with me. But we have not yet spoken to our daughters about what’s going on,” he continued, later saying that he felt, “Kyle is no longer in love with me.”

“[She] doesn’t love me the way she used to love me and yeah, I mean, it just hurts. There’s no question it hurts,” he confessed. “Kyle and I have always had the dream of growing old together and being grandparents together and watching our grandkids play. The thought of Kyle and I maybe not being together and separating is definitely something that is sad and is hard.”

As RHOBH fans may know, Mauricio stars on Buying Beverly Hills alongside stepdaughter Farrah Aldjufrie, 35, and daughters Alexia Umansky, 27, and Sophia Umansky, 24. He also shares Portia Umansky, 16, with Kyle.

Needless to say, the split took a toll on the entire family. In fact, at one point in the show, Sophia admitted that she was unaware of her parents’ separation until she heard it in the news.

“Before the news broke, we had really not talked about issues with the family. … [We] kept it away from the kids,” Mauricio said.

The family was particularly shocked when Mauricio told TMZ he and Kyle were officially separated.

“I thought that was already said to you by your mom and I apologize for that,” he explained to the girls after the fact.

As for what led up to the breakup, Mauricio said he and Kyle began “looking at things differently,” with her embarking on a “super healthy lifestyle” and wanting to be at home and him still desiring a social life.

“I’m not ready to slow down that part of my life right now,” he shared.

Although he admitted he “caused [Kyle] some pain,” Mauricio said he “wanted to do everything possible to just save [the marriage].”

Meanwhile, his daughters weren’t convinced.

“Mom and I have really not had any conversations in the past two months, at all. I have reasons why we haven’t communicated, but I don’t want to say that,” he explained.

Then, during the finale episode, Mauricio addressed the possibility of leaving his family home.

“She’s taken over the entire top floor. I’m still living in the bedroom,” he shared. “If there is any chance of reconciling, I feel like I’m going to actually have to move out to explore, like, ‘Do I miss her? Do I not miss her? Is it time to really move on with life?’”

Buying Beverly Hills season two is currently streaming on Netflix.