Kyle Richards Discusses Annemarie Wiley’s RHOBH Exit, Rumors Eileen Davidson is Returning to Show, Dorit Update & Season 14, Plus Daughters Get Emotional Over Filming of Separation

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Kyle Richards on Eileen Rumors, Annemarie's Exit, and RHOBH Season 14, Plus Offers Dorit Update as Daughters Get Emotional About Kyle Filming Separation for Bravo on Buying Beverly Hills

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo, Instagram

Kyle Richards reacted to rumors of Eileen Davidson returning to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Annemarie Wiley exiting the show during an appearance on Tuesday.

After her four daughters were seen opening up about her filming scenes about her separation from Mauricio Umansky, 53, for Bravo on Buying Beverly Hills, Kyle, 55, looked ahead to season 14 as she offered an update on where she stands with Dorit Kemsley, 47, following their season 13 feud.

“I saw that online, but I see so many rumors online, I don’t believe anything I read,” Kyle said of reports of an Eileen return amid a March 26 appearance on Amazon Live, adding that she believes she’ll get news on season 14 “pretty soon.”

As RHOBH fans have surely heard, Annemarie already announced she would not be back.

“I always feel bad when somebody comes in and doesn’t have a great experience on the show. She didn’t get to show all aspects of her life on the show, so you know, it’s hard. I feel bad, and you know, she’s great and she has a great family. It is what it is. She has a beautiful family, so she will be fine,” Kyle noted of her departure, signaling to the backlash she received regarding her questions about Sutton Stracke‘s esophagus.

As for where she stands with Dorit, Kyle admitted things are still the “same” between them.

“I haven’t really addressed that or dealt with that. Once again, I just need a break from the show and everything,” she explained of their ongoing estrangement.

Also on Amazon Live, Kyle admitted that she loves watching Buying Beverly Hills because she gets to see her kids, including Farrah Aldjufrie, 35, Alexia Umansky, 27, Sophia Umansky, 24, and Portia Umansky, 16.

“I love it. I love watching my girls. I so admire them as people, as women, as businesswomen, as sisters. I am very impressed by my daughters and proud of them,” she gushed.

Meanwhile, on an episode of the second season of the Netflix series, Kyle was seen chatting with her daughters, explaining to them that she’d be returning to production on RHOBH to cover her and Mauricio’s separation.

“Because everything that happened with this — I’m going to call it a ‘scandal’ — if something goes on in our lives like this, they’re going to obviously go shoot that even though we’re wrapped,” Kyle explained, via Page Six.

“Coming out of the blue, what happened and kind of just blindsiding all of us, I know was a lot, and first of all, I’m really sorry, you guys, you have to deal with that,” she continued as daughter Farrah assured her she had nothing to apologize for.

“But I am,” Kyle replied. “I really am sorry about that because it’s not fair to you guys, but I’m just so used to it.”

According to Sophia, her phone had been “blowing up” with people asking about their family drama.

“I opened Instagram, and it was everywhere, like, it felt different this time,” she admitted. “And it was definitely hard feeling like maybe I don’t know the whole story.”

Even Portia was curious about what was really going on between her parents, noting that she was “freaked out” by the breakup.

“I was like, ‘OK, this is weird,’ and, like, is this actually happening? Is there something we’re not in the know of?” she asked.

Then, after Kyle acknowledged that her daughters likely “automatically” assumed that she and Mauricio were getting divorced, Portia said, “Exactly.”

Later, in a confessional, Alexia admitted to struggling with the fact that their lives were so public.

“Unfortunately, the reality of what our life is is that we have opened up our family and our home to the public eye,” she shared through tears. “We owe so much of our life and our success to the connections we have made and the experiences we’ve had, and it’s brought so much good into our life. But in moments like this, it’s hard.”

Buying Beverly Hills season two is currently streaming on Netflix.