Kyle Richards Shares Updates on Friendships With Dorit & Sutton, Addresses Rumor This is Her Final Season on RHOBH, Plus If Kathy Would Film With Rinna, and New Tattoos

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Kyle Richards Shares Updates on Friendships With Dorit & Sutton, Addresses Rumor This is Her Final Season on RHOBH, Plus If Kathy Would Film With Rinna, and New Tattoos

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Kyle Richards is clapping back at Sutton Stracke for suggesting she was “relentlessly mean” to her throughout the 13th season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Following the conclusion of the three-part reunion, Kyle, 55, mentioned Sutton’s claims after being asked if she had anything she’d like to clear up about the season, also revealing where they stand today, discussing her drama with Dorit Kemsley, 47, and looking ahead to season 14 — and the potential returns of Kathy Hilton, 65, and Lisa Rinna, 60.

“Sutton kept saying you have been relentlessly mean to me on the season and then I asked for an example, she just said, ‘Watch the show’ like Denise Richards. I only reacted to the way she had treated me,” Kyle explained during a March 19 appearance on Amazon Live. “We were in a great place. I have no idea why she decided to go that route about my marriage and ask me about the ring.”

During an early episode of RHOBH season 13, Kyle was questioned about a new ring she was wearing that some suspected was a gift Mauricio bought her after potentially cheating.

“Clearly, that was a conversation she and [Garcelle Beauvais] have been having and the two of them … Garcelle was the one that first mentioned the ring, but that was definitely when Sutton was coming for me about that,” Kyle noted. “I never understood that. So, of course, I was going to react to that.”

Although Kyle went to bat with both Sutton, 52, and Dorit throughout the season, she said she considers both of them as friends today.

“I consider Dorit my friend even though we’re having issues right now. And Sutton – we’re good. We met up, we had dinner, we talked, we laughed, and we both just want to put this behind us, and I’m always happy to do that,” she revealed.

As for the rumors that season 13 may be her last, Kyle didn’t give them much weight.

“Well, the rumors come from me saying, you know, ‘I don’t know if I want to come back.’ And they do that every year,” she explained. “I’ve read, ‘Kyle quit,’ ‘Kyle’s fired.’ You know how long I’ve been hearing those things? It means nothing until we’re about to start and a decision is made. You know I always have to think twice about it and take my time making this decision.”

As she considers whether or not she’ll return, Kyle said she wouldn’t be surprised to see Kathy and Lisa reunite on camera.

“I think they would for sure. I know that Lisa Rinna sent Kathy flowers a while back. I think no one wants to hold onto any of that,” she revealed.

When Kyle was then asked about the last time she spoke to Lisa, she admitted to running into her frequently since they “always go to the same places.” In fact, just one day prior, she was having dinner with her daughters when one of them said, “Oh, Lisa Rinna just walked past.”

“I spoke to her not that [long of a] while ago via text saying, ‘When are we going to get together?’” Kyle shared, per Heavy. “We were trying to make a plan with [Erika Jayne]. [Lisa’s] been traveling a lot because of her new modeling career which I think is super cool and inspiring to have this new career, especially at this point in her life.”

“I can [see her coming back someday]. She was great on the show,” Kyle continued. “I know there’s some things that she said or did that were very polarizing, people either hate it or love it, but she was great on the show.”

Also, on Amazon Live, Kyle confirmed she has new tattoos that even her family is unaware of.

“Yep! I haven’t even told all my family by the way. Oopsie!” she exclaimed.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 14 is expected to begin filming in April.