Vanderpump Rules’ Tom Sandoval Felt “Hurt” and ‘Humiliated’ by Ann, Clarifies Her Job Description and If She’s Working for Ariana, Plus Talks Jeremy Madix Relationship and Run-Ins

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Vanderpump Rules' Tom Sandoval on What Hurt Him About Ex Assistant Ann, Clarifies Her Job Description and Shares If She’s Working for Ariana, Plus Talks Jeremy Madix Relationship and Run-Ins

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Tom Sandoval opened up about how his former assistant, Ann Maddox, humiliated him on Vanderpump Rules during an episode of his podcast last week.

Before dishing on his recent run-ins with Ariana Madix‘s brother, Jeremy Madix, and explaining their past closeness, Sandoval, 41, admitted to being hurt by Ann as he shared details about her job description and addressed rumors of her potentially working for Ariana, 38.

“I think what really hurt me the most about her, the whole situation, was it’s like, you got through all the hard stuff, this is like on the tail end of the worst of it, because, obviously, months prior, it was a lot harder to be my assistant. I was going through a lot, but we were through that. If you’re gonna do something like that, maybe, like, I would never fire Ann in a public place and yell at her and tell her, ‘You’re fired.’ I would never do that. in the same respect, I would hope she would quietly be like, ‘Hey I don’t think I want to work…’ and come to me, versus doing that on national television in front of cameras. It was very humiliating,” Sandoval revealed on the March 28 episode of Everybody Loves Tom.

Looking back at an episode of Pump Rules that aired last month and featured Ann on a FaceTime call with Ariana, who wanted to know if she could help her find her own assistant, Sandoval revealed that Ann was actually getting ready to attend a concert he paid for at the time of the call.

“It’s funny because Ann was actually getting ready for a Taylor Swift concert, and I’d actually gotten her those tickets, and I also got her, because Kyle Chan did the earrings for the ‘Karma’ video, music video, the long dangling earrings, so I got her the earrings from the ‘Karma’ video,” he shared.

As for her job description, Sandoval said cleaning was part of it.

“First of all, she does not touch dirty laundry ever. I’ve had her fold clean clothes out of the dryer before and she does clean up. That is part of her job description,” he said. “That’s something that was explained to her and is explained to any assistant that works for me, that when you get here, the first thing you do is tidy up. That could be a little, that could be a lot, but that is something that happens. My mess. Ariana’s mess, whatever.”

That said, he went on to clarify, “She’s not cleaning toilets, not doing anything gross. She does not empty the litter box, nothing gross… It’s just dishes, she tidies up.”

“That’s her job description and setting up, helping set up for parties, helping clean up after parties. That’s in the job description. It’s not like I have parties all the time, but when I do, that’s there,” he added.

Also on the topic of Ann, Sandoval said, “I don’t think that Ann is currently working for Ariana.”

Moving on to Jeremy, who is newly engaged, Sandoval confirmed he’s seen him a few times since his split from Ariana.

“It was kind of a nod from across the room,” he began of one particular run-in, “and then also, I saw him some other time, not too long ago, and we talked a little bit. Just like, ‘Hey man, miss you, dude.'”

During his nine-year relationship with Ariana, Sandoval said he and Jeremy were “pretty close” and that he looked at Jeremy like a “little brother.”

“I never had a little brother and I got my fix with Jeremy. I really looked out for him in a lot of ways, and I was happy to do it,” he explained. “It was very fulfilling to me, and I think Jeremy is a good guy, and I see a lot of similarities and things, ways that I am and that he is, and yeah, it’s just like a little brother. Obviously, the way that everything went down, there was a lot of people that weren’t allowed to talk to me, and I fully understand, but it was really nice to see him and be able to talk to him.”

Sandoval also detailed his past living arrangements with Jeremy, sharing that after living together at his and Ariana’s apartment, he allowed Jeremy to remain in the apartment as he and Ariana moved into their $2 million home in Valley Village.

“It was actually my idea to have Jeremy live with us when we lived in the apartment for him to save money, and then I fought to keep that apartment because Jeremy got grandfathered into it so he could have that apartment, and so he lived in the apartment for quite a while by himself. During COVID, I helped pay the rent there. You do what you can. I considered Jeremy family,” he admitted.

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