Find Out Why Police Visited Christine Quinn’s Home 18 Times in Five Years as Husband Christian Dumontet Files for Divorce & Requests Full Custody of Son

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Find Out Why Police Visited Christine Quinn's Home 18 Times in Five Years as Husband Christian Dumontet Files for Divorce & Requests Full Custody of Son

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Amid Christine Quinn‘s marital turmoil with Christian Dumontet, which has included a handful of arrests and dueling restraining orders, a new report has revealed that the couple’s $5 million Hollywood Hills home has received nearly 20 visits from the police in the last five years.

As Christian, 44, filed for divorce from the 35-year-old Selling Sunset alum, requesting full physical and legal custody of their 2-year-old son, also named Christian, police records showed that prior to Christian’s domestic violence arrest last month, a number of disturbing incidents were reported.

In addition to false alarms and calls for possible trespassing and burglaries, Us Weekly shared that a series of calls made from 2019, the year Christine and Christian wed, until now have mentioned alleged verbal disputes and hospitalizations.

In June 2019, an unnamed person was taken to a hospital, and in May 2022, an unidentified male was hospitalized. Months later, in October 2022, a woman was “suffering from [a] panic attack,” but there was “no evidence of an overdose.”

More recently, Christian was arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon after he allegedly threw a bag of glass at Christine and hit their toddler son. The following day, two calls were made to the police about a restraining order violation and Christian was arrested for a second time.

The cops also recently arrived at Christine and Christian’s home for “officers to standby during collection of belongings.”

“Christine always had to walk on eggshells around him,” a source told Us Weekly. “Christine always had to keep secrets from him in order to protect herself. She always had to hide things from him to avoid scary arguments. They have had aggressive fights over the years that were alarming.”

In court documents pertaining to her restraining order request, Christine outlined a number of disturbing incidents, including one in which Christian allegedly threw “dog feces” at her and another in which he supposedly faked a suicide attempt to “see if [she] cared about him.”

Following the claims, Christian’s attorney, Alexandra Kazarian, of Geragos & Geragos, clapped back with a statement.

“Christine’s repeated paranoid and demonstrably unfounded allegations are without merit. There have been no incidents of domestic violence. Christian has taken lawful steps to address these ongoing issues, notably filing for a restraining order, proactively. Today, he takes a definitive step forward by filing for divorce, seeking to resolve these matters legally and conclusively,” she stated.

And while it had been reported that Christine was planning a divorce filing, it seems that Christian beat her to it.

As Us Weekly confirmed, Christian filed documents to end their five-year marriage on Friday with the Superior Court of California in Los Angeles County, citing “irreconcilable differences” and requesting full legal and physical custody of their child with Christine being allowed “visitation.”

He also asked a judge to “terminate” spousal support for her, requested they pay their own attorney’s fees, and asked to “confirm as separate property” all assets “from and after the date of separation.”