Katie Maloney Addresses ‘Something About Her’ Drama, Her Issue With Brittany, and Not Being “As Close” With Kristen, Plus Teases Emotionally Heightened Vanderpump Rules Reunion

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Katie Maloney Discusses Something About Her Drama, Her Issue With Brittany, and Not Being "As Close" With Kristen, Plus Teases Emotionally Heightened Vanderpump Rules Reunion

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Katie Maloney reacted to claims of drama between her and her Something About Her partner on a podcast on Wednesday.

As the sandwich shop remains unopened following a series of potential opening dates, the 37-year-old Vanderpump Rules cast member seemingly admitted to having issues with chef Penny Davidi while also dishing on her relationships with Brittany Cartwright, 35, and Kristen Doute, 41, and the season 11 reunion.

“It’s been things that have just been entirely out of our control,” Katie said of the reason Something About Her has yet to open on the April 17 episode of Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino. “[West Hollywood is] their own government, essentially, and they go on their own timeline of things.”

According to Katie, she and co-owner Ariana Madix, 38, have been hit with permit and inspection issues in recent months, which have further delayed their opening date.

“It is just jumping through hoop after hoop after hoop … It’s not a simple one and done,” she explained.

Adding to that drama is the fact that Katie appears to have suffered a falling out with her chef.

“Eh, yeah,” she stated when asked about the rumors. “I mean, I don’t [want to talk about it].”

Moving on to Pump Rules topics, Katie confirmed she’s no longer close with Brittany, although she did give her former castmate a hug when she last saw her.

“When the whole thing happened with [Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark]’s wedding … I saw what went down with Stassi and I didn’t like it,” Katie noted, giving a nod to Brittany and Jax Taylor, 44, pulling out of the event at the last moment, despite being included in the couple’s limited guest list.

Katie went on to say that because she was going through her own hardships at the time, she decided to “take care of [her] own self” and distance herself from Brittany and Jax.

“I didn’t really hear from either of them since. [But] I reached out to Brittany recently,” she explained.

As for whether she believes Brittany and Jax will get back together following their current separation, Katie wasn’t so sure.

“I don’t know. Once you separate and you have time apart to think and you let yourself go there and start to imagine a life without a person that has kind of drug you down. I think it’s almost hard to come back to that, especially if someone is not taking necessary steps towards a better future with you,” she stated.

Speaking of Kristen, Katie said they haven’t been close for some time.

“We’re not as close as we once were … but we do speak frequently and I see her from time to time,” she revealed. “There’s definitely been some distance there but I’ve still got love for her.”

Also on Danny’s podcast, Katie teased the upcoming reunion.

“[It was] not like last year … [But] the dynamics are different after [the] reunion for sure,” she explained. “A lot of people were able to get stuff off their chest, there were a lot of tears, I wouldn’t say a lot of people were screaming and yelling but emotions were definitely heightened. It was nice to see people talk and not scream over each other.”

Then, after stating that there would “maybe” be some surprises for reviewers, Katie said she did not believe fans’ opinions of the cast would “shift” after the special.

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