Luis Ruelas Claims Ex Vanessa “Leaked” Confidential Info About Him & Teresa to RHONJ Cast, Plus He Celebrates 50th Birthday, See Pic

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RHONJ’s Luis Ruelas Claims Ex Vanessa "Leaked" Confidential Info to Cast About Him and Teresa Giudice, Believes Reputation Has Been "Damaged Beyond Repair" as He Demands $5 Million in Damages, Plus Celebrates 50th Birthday

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Luis Ruelas is accusing ex-fiancée Vanessa Reiser of leaking confidential information about him and his wife, Teresa Giudice, to the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast.

While responding to a lawsuit filed against him in February by attorney Kevin Johnson, a witness in Vanessa’s restraining order case against him, Luis, 49, who celebrated his milestone birthday on Sunday, is countersuing Kevin, suggesting that he lost his job and suffered emotional distress as a result of Vanessa’s alleged antics against him and Teresa, 51.

In court documents obtained by The U.S. Sun on April 19, Luis, along with fellow defendants, including Bo Dietl, 73, a private investigator, fired back at the claims of Kevin, of Johnson Litigation Group, who is suing both Luis and Bo for federal wiretapping, computer fraud, harassment, defamation, and other charges.

In their response, it was stated that Luis believed Kevin and the firm used “unlawful and egregious misconduct,” “breached their ethical obligations,” and “slandered” him, and that he felt Vanessa, a psychotherapist, attempted to create drama for him and Teresa on RHONJ by gossiping to the cast.

Although Luis names Vanessa in his case against Kevin, she is not part of his case, nor was she part of Kevin’s case against him.

“Ruelas believed Reiser was disclosing confidential information to patients and cast members of [RHONJ] to use against him and his wife, in an attempt to bolster the colloque of the show and continue the relentless campaign of harassment, despite existing orders precluding this type of conduct,” the filing stated.

It also accused Kevin, who is not representing Vanessa, of fabricating emails “under fake names/personas” to “damage Ruelas’ chances in the court of law, stir controversy, and create reality TV content,” and suggested that Kevin and Vanessa had a “peculiar interest in certain RHONJ cast members” and an “obsession with Ruelas and RHONJ.”

“The court found that Johnson had a bizarre infatuation with the cast members of RHONJ; that of which is upon information and belief the basis for the continued media blitz and false and misleading statements made therein,” the documents explained, noting that emails were supposedly sent to Luis’ adversary with intent to damage him “both economically and personally” and “make for good Reality TV.”

While it was not confirmed whether the information Vanessa allegedly passed on would be featured on season 14, the trailer hinted at potential financial struggles plaguing Luis and his wife. And, according to Luis’ court documents, he felt his reputation was “damaged beyond repair” — no matter what was and will be shown.

As he explained, he runs “a company on a global scale” and potential clients have seen things online about him, causing him to “[suffer] economic injury and mental anguish,” such as losing his job and “business opportunities.”

Luis also claims to have sustained additional damages, including attorney’s fees, and “humiliation, severe anxiety, and emotional distress.”

Luis is suing for “breach of implied covenant of trust and confidence; negligence; Res Ispa Loquitor; abuse of process; declaratory judgment against Johnson; Libel Per Se and violation of Judiciary Law 487,” per The U.S. Sun, and requesting the court award him punitive damages “in an amount to be determined at trial, but in no event less than [$]5,000,000,” plus attorneys’ fees.

After the filing of the countersuit, Luis’ lawyer, Jeremy Iandolo, told The U.S. Sun, “The relentless and baseless assaults by Johnson towards my client Ruelas have inflicted significant harm, both economic and emotionally.”

“As such, we refuse to halt our defense and will continue our attack until Mr. Ruelas is fully vindicated, made whole and can live his life in peace, free from unwarranted attacks of Johnson and Reiser, whom seem more interested in pursuing their own distorted version of fame,” he concluded.

In other Luis Ruelas news, the RHONJ cast member celebrated his 50th birthday, which is on Tuesday, over the weekend with Teresa and their families, including Teresa’s oldest daughter, Gia Giudice, 23, who shared an Instagram Story post of him blowing out his candles on his 50-shaped cake.

RHONJ Luis Ruelas Celebrates 50th Birthday with Teresa Giudice and Daughters

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 14 premieres Sunday, May 5, at 8/7c on Bravo.