Scheana Shay Slams Tom Sandoval Over “Absurd” Eddie Cibrian Affair Comparison, Says She Was “21 and Unaware” & “Single” as Sandoval Defends Himself & Shares What Really Bothered Him, Plus Brock Speaks

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Scheana Shay Slams Tom Sandoval Over "Absurd" Eddie Cibrian Affair Comparison, and Accuses Him of Deflecting as Sandoval Defends Himself & Shares What Really Bothered Him

Credit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo, Instagram

Scheana Shay took aim at Tom Sandoval for comparing his affair with Rachel “Raquel” Leviss to her past romance with Eddie Cibrian after the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules.

After their heated encounter on Tuesday night’s episode, Scheana, 38, accused Sandoval, 41, of deflecting by bringing up her relationship with Eddie, 50, who was married to now-ex-wife Brandi Glanville, 51, at the time, as Sandoval seemingly doubled down, stating that he “never judged” her for the mistake she made.

“He’s gonna go and compare something I did when I was 21 and unaware that this person was in a relationship when I was very single and 21, to something he did while in a relationship and 41? That’s what we’re gonna compare to?” Scheana asked on the April 23 episode of the Pump Rules: After Show. “It was just the most absurd argument. It infuriated the sh*t out of me. I’m just like, what the f*ck is wrong with you?”

“Grabbing straws. Just reaching, reaching, reaching,” added Kristen Doute, 41.

Brock Davies, 33, also didn’t appreciate the comparison Sandoval made about his wife.

“She doesn’t need to be reminded of what happened in that relationship with something like that. I know that hit her hard,” he stated.

According to Scheana, she’s been trying to get away from her affair with Eddie, and the “homewrecker” title that came with it, since 2007.

“I‘m still this girl and I’m like, ’So that’s how you see me when you know the story? You know what happened.’ I didn’t cheat on anyone. I was 21. I didn’t Google anyone. I didn’t know what IMDb was. I didn’t even know who he was. He was an actor in LA who was cute with dimples,” she recalled.

“You are not gonna sit here and deflect for one second. You are not gonna try and compare me to you,” she added.

In his own segment, Sandoval attempted to defend his comment to Scheana, but he admitted that, of course, what he did to Ariana Madix, 38, was “horrible.”

“Acting like I murdered somebody and whatever, to me, it seemed too over the top,” he explained. “And I think what really bothered me about it is the piling on with this group of friends was so relentless. They were definitely the ones spearheading that in a lot of ways.”

“I remember when that sh*t went down with Scheana and she told me about it. And like, yeah, it was a long a** time ago, but I never gave her any sh*t about it,” he continued. “I never judged … I know it’s different. It’s a different thing. I just know personally I will never be able to give anybody sh*t about doing that. You know what I mean? Even if it’s 15 years from now.”

Meanwhile, James said Sandoval’s comparison was just one of the many examples of Sandoval not considering other people’s feelings.

“Scheana has been through it with him and this whole situation. She didn’t wake up and ask to have Sandoval taken away from her as a friend … Not to mention she’s like besties with the other girl that he’s parading around … I would be livid,” he noted. “I was livid.”

“[Scheana’s] being a good friend to Tom still, but really, she doesn’t have to be, and then here’s Tom being a d*ckhead still,” he added.

James then looked back on the night Ariana uncovered Sandoval and Raquel’s affair, noting that while he was present on said evening, he had no idea what had gone down until the following day.

“I showed up and everyone looked at me like I was a ghost. Everyone was scared to tell me what happened. No one said anything to me. And then I got home, texted Tom saying, ‘Missed you, bro, at TomTom. In bed now, goodnight.’ And then I woke up to, ‘He’s dead to me.’ I’m like, ‘Who, Ariana,’ and she’s like, ’Sandoval,’” he recalled, adding, “Not to make it about me!”

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