Ally Lewber Talks “Difficult” Vanderpump Rules Season 10, Shades Rachel’s Podcast, and Teases Lala and Ariana’s Reunion Drama, Plus Most Hurtful Fan Comments, James’ Support, and Taylor Swift

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Ally Lewber Talks "Difficult" Vanderpump Rules Season 10, Shades Raquel's Podcast, and Teases Lala and Ariana's Reunion Drama, Plus Most Hurtful Fan Comments and Taylor Swift

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Ally Lewber admitted Vanderpump Rules season 10 was more “difficult” than season 11 during a recent interview.

While also speaking about her future with boyfriend James Kennedy, 32, Taylor Swift‘s appearance at his recent Coachella performance, and the reception she’s gotten from viewers, Ally, 28, explained how her first two seasons differed and revealed if she’s tuning into Rachel “Raquel” Leviss‘ podcast.

“In the beginning, it was definitely exciting to see how everyone was doing and just to catch up. But also a little anxious as well, because there’s a lot of tension, a lot of people not liking people,” Ally admitted of season 11 during an interview with Variety.

According to Ally, season 10 was more “difficult” for her because the majority of the cast was still friends with Raquel, 29.

“[Ariana Madix] and Rachel [Leviss] were always hanging out, and [Scheana Shay] too. I’d rather spend my time elsewhere than with my boyfriend’s ex,” she explained, noting that she “definitely” got closer with the girls after Raquel quit the show post-“Scandoval.”

“I was getting to spend more time with them and get to know them,” she continued. “With Ariana, her life just completely changed. I think when you go through something super dramatic or a huge transformation like that, who is around here to help you, pick you up, or help talk to you about it, or even just to like let you vent — it is sad that that is how you bond over something tragic like that. But yeah, I do think that it allowed us to grow a little bit closer.”

During an episode of Pump Rules this season, Ally and the cast were seen reacting to the debut of Raquel’s podcast, Rachel Goes Rogue. But since then, Ally said she’s tuned out.

“I definitely was eager to listen to it just to see — I think we all were a little bit like, OK, what’s she going to say? So I did listen out of curiosity, but I haven’t listened since,” she revealed, adding, “I like positive, good energy.”

Also on another episode, Ally was seen reaching out to Jo Wenberg amid her short-lived fling with Tom Schwartz, 40.

“I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt,” Ally revealed. “I know that it’s intimidating and scary, coming into the group and not really knowing how they’re gonna perceive you or take to you. I wanted her to honestly feel like she could talk to someone.”

Prior to the start of season 11, Ariana, 38, predicted fans may turn on her. And now, months later, even some of her co-stars seem to have removed themselves from Team Ariana.

“I don’t understand that … why there’s this change of sides,” Ally admitted.

Most recently, Ariana has faced a number of negative comments from Lala Kent, 33.

“After the reunion, I know she was really upset and it was just pretty emotional,” Ally recalled, giving a nod to their reported falling out at the taping.

Looking back at the reunion taping, Ally said that by the end of filming, it was “pretty unclear how everyone felt” about one another and “where they stand.”

As for the series’ potential 12th season, Ally noted,  “I do believe that time heals everything.”

“I think Ariana is definitely not going to heal as quickly as everyone else, and she shouldn’t do anything she’s not comfortable with. I think it’s just going to have to feel healthy and organic and natural,” she added.

When Ally was then asked about the feedback she’s gotten from Pump Rules viewers, she shared that she mostly receives positive comments before revealing what hurts her most.

“[What] hurts is when I see comments questioning my love for [James], because I do love him,” she stated. “I wish people could see more of us, because our relationship off-camera is a lot more funny, silly, and creative. We really push each other. He’s my biggest cheerleader, and I’m his.”

In recent months, Ally and James have had discussions about their future plans for marriage and kids, both on Pump Rules and off. But currently, Ally isn’t ready to take either of those steps.

“I am still pretty young. I’m 28. Do I imagine myself having children? Some days. And other days, I don’t,” she confessed. “I do know how [James] feels, though. He really wants a family and children. I know that’s a non-negotiable with him. So, it’s sweet that he is allowing me to take the time.”

In addition to showcasing his softer side to Ally, James has also become a “voice of reason” of sorts for the cast.

“That is my favorite thing about this season. I feel like everyone’s seeing a side of James that I always see, and it’s nice not to always defend him,” Ally said of his turnaround.

Recently, after establishing himself as a talented DJ, James found himself in the headlines after Taylor was seen in the audience during his set at Coachella. Of the now-viral moment, which saw Taylor suddenly freeze as James remixed one of her songs, Ally said she’s a “huge Swiftie.”

“I have not shut up about it. I’ll just be at home and be like, ‘James, Taylor Swift went to your show!’ I’m never going to let him forget. It’s insane!” she exclaimed. “Out of everyone in the world, if I could pick one person to go — Taylor Swift!”

In addition to supporting James in his career, Ally is also working on her own career in music, having recently released “Girl’s Girl.”

“This is my first music project that I’ve shared publicly … I’m happy that everyone else is loving it and feeling the vibes and being so kind,” Ally noted.

While Ally comes from a family of musicians and attended Belmont University’s School of Music, she said it was James who gave her a “little confidence boost” and pushed her to follow her dream.

Scheana, 39, has also been supportive.

“I’m always texting her for advice here and there, and she really is super supportive and helpful all the time,” Ally shared. “But James, I think just because he’s my boyfriend and has been doing this for so long, I felt I was in good hands.”

Vanderpump Rules season 11 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.