RHONJ’s Margaret Josephs Discusses Pre-Reunion Meeting, Teresa’s Lawsuit Claim, and What She Gives Luis Props On, Plus Talks Jen Fessler Drama, Where They Stand and Calls Jackie “Teresa With Brains”

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RHONJ's Margaret Josephs Addresses Pre-Reunion Meeting, Teresa’s Lawsuit Claim, and Luis Saying He Didn’t Call Her Son, Plus Talks Jen Fessler Drama, Where They Stand and Calls Jackie “Teresa With Brains”

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Margaret Josephs looked back on her pre-reunion meeting about Luis Ruelas while appearing on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night.

As she also addressed a lawsuit Teresa Giudice, 52, mentioned on last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and revealed if she’s upset with Frank Catania, 58, for filling their castmates in on the sit-down, Margaret, 57, shaded Jackie Goldschneider, 47, and Jennifer Fessler, 53, over their hypocritical behavior and explained why it was important to meet with her co-stars ahead of the season 13 reunion taping.

“You prepare for the Super Bowl. The reunion is the Super Bowl. We were investigated by Bo Dietl. It was odd circumstances. Of course, we do. I mean, who doesn’t prepare for the Super Bowl of Housewives?” Margaret wondered on the May 19 episode of WWHL. “Hello? We ate sushi. We hang out. It wasn’t a takedown.”

As for the lawsuit Teresa brought up last week, Margaret said it had nothing to do with her.

“It was a lawsuit, nothing to do with me, it was the lawsuit that they had with his ex, but they weren’t suing the ex,” she explained. “The ex actually had a temporary restraining order against Luis and they were trying to get it dropped and somehow my name got thrown in there, which I think is actually hysterical.”

“And there’s more to come this season on that,” host Andy Cohen, 55, teased.

While Teresa and Luis revealed that Frank had informed them of an alleged takedown plot hosted by Margaret prior to the reunion, Margaret isn’t holding any ill will toward Frank. In fact, she believes Teresa and Luis twisted his words.

“I don’t believe he misrepresented what happened. I believe they misrepresented what [he] said. I’m sure they twisted what Frank said because Frank’s not like that,” she explained, denying any plans for a takedown.

“They bring themselves down. They do a good enough job of that themselves,” she stated.

At last season’s reunion, Luis was accused of harassing Margaret’s son at work, which he denied. And although Teresa has since sworn on her daughters that he did no such thing, Margaret still doesn’t believe him.

“Absolutely not. I showed up there with phone records,” she shared. “Bravo has seen it. Everybody has seen it. We all know it’s true. I never speak about my children on the show. I wouldn’t do that for story. That is not me.”

Moving on to her issue with Jen talking to Teresa, Margaret denied trying to govern her friendships.

“Even Jen Fessler said, you can see in the first episode, she’s like, ‘I want nothing to do with her. I don’t want to be around them,’” Margaret recalled. “She knew what happened. I had called her very upset with that phone call. She’s like, ‘They creep me out. I can’t stand them.’ I was like, ‘Please just don’t discuss me.’ What does she do as soon as she sees her? She runs and discusses me. I’m like, ‘Jen Fessler, what are you doing? Do what you say you’re gonna do. Be who you say you are, in front of the camera and not on camera.'”

After confirming Jen is still one of her “closest friends,” but shading her as “weak sauce,” Margaret was asked to say nice things about Jackie following their season 14 falling out.

“She calls a lot. She could be attentive. She could be loving and she texts a lot,” Margaret admitted, adding that she found Jackie’s memoir, which allegedly sparked their feud, to be “very well written.”

“She’s a magnificent writer. She’s super talented. Once I had bought it. I want everyone to know, I wasn’t like, ‘Oh I want my free copy.’ I preordered it on Amazon as well,” she revealed.

According to Margaret, she believes there’s a good reason that Teresa is lucky to have Jackie on her good side. “Jackie is like Teresa with brains. She’s the queen of takedowns,” Margaret noted.

As for Jackie’s role as a friend, Margaret said, “I think she’s pretty good. I think she’s great.”

While Margaret and Jackie are currently estranged, she did confess to missing their friendship.

“I really loved her. I really loved Jackie, and I thought we were very good friends and I had a very sincere friendship with her. Obviously, she didn’t feel the same about me,” she shared.

Then answering questions about Teresa, Margaret revealed why her co-star brought up rumors from John Fuda‘s past after taking such issue with people bringing up Luis’ past.

“She loves to ruin a party. She loves to bring up nasty rumors at a party. And I think she just wanted to stick it to them. She likes to do that,” Margaret explained.

“I’ve forgiven her so many times. She’s body-shamed me. She’s had my hair pulled. She’s made up with me endless times and then she crossed a boundary I couldn’t go back from. So it’s fine. I don’t care,” she continued of her relationship with Teresa.

That said, she did applaud Luis for helping with Teresa’s daughters’ college.

“I think that’s very admirable,” she confessed.

Also on the show, Margaret responded to a question from a fan who wanted to know why she thought she could dictate who Jen and Jackie are friends with.

“I’m not dictating who they’re friends with. I don’t like hypocrisy,” she clarified. “You can’t act one way and say things off-camera and then come on camera and act a different way. I cannot stomach that. That’s one thing I can’t stand. I’m not gonna act one way and act some way a different way.”

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