Summer House’s Paige DeSorbo on Kyle Shading Podcast, His Marriage Issues With Amanda, and West “[Fumbling] the Bag” With Ciara, Plus Talks #JusticeforHannah and Their Reception Compared to West and Jesse

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Summer House's Paige DeSorbo on Kyle Shading Podcast, His Marriage Issues With Amanda, and West "[Fumbling] the Bag" With Ciara, Plus Talks #JusticeforHannah and Their Reception Compared to West and Jesse

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Paige DeSorbo reacted to Kyle Cooke shading her and Hannah Berner‘s podcast, Giggly Squad, and discussed his marriage drama with Amanda Batula on a podcast last week.

While also sharing her thoughts on West Wilson‘s relationship with Ciara Miller, 28, and commenting on how the cast’s reaction to her and Hannah, 32, differed from their response to West, 29, and Jesse Solomon, 30, Paige, 31, explained why she wasn’t too upset about Kyle’s shade about her “silly” podcast and revealed if Amanda, 32, has been supportive of her and Hannah’s show.

“I saw it, thought nothing of it, went about my day, and then I had so many DMs… I genuinely, I was like, wait, I don’t know if this is really sad or like I just don’t care, Kyle’s never thought anything of my podcast since the day we started it,” Paige shared on the June 7 episode of the Chicks in the Office podcast. “He wasn’t very supportive of it when we first started because no one really on Bravo had podcasts like us.”

As fans may have seen, Kyle shaded the podcast on the Summer House: After Show in May while discussing Paige’s comments about Amanda’s role at Loverboy.

“I don’t expect someone who does a podcast to understand that. This is not a jab at anybody in the creator, influencer economy but it’s a completely different freaking ballgame,” he stated.

According to Paige, Kyle wasn’t the only one who wasn’t supportive of her show.

“Bravo was like, ‘Don’t talk about Summer House.’ And we were like, ‘We didn’t want to anyway.'”

Instead, Paige and Hannah planned to chat about other pop culture items.

“I never bring up Giggly Squad to anyone, so hearing him say that was more like, ‘Oh, he’s been saying that,’ but I think it was the first time other people who have podcasts, who are women, who that is their career were like, ‘Wait, what the heck?’” Paige noted.

Although Paige said the cast “[wasn’t] very supportive” of her and Hannah’s podcast, she confirmed that Amanda has texted her about Giggy Squad multiple times.

“‘I see it, You’re doing so well.’ I think she even bought a sweatshirt or something. She’s a real good friend,” Paige stated.

As for whether Kyle is jealous, Paige doesn’t seem to think so.

“I don’t want to think of it as a jealousy thing because in my head, I’m like, ‘You’re a guy, I’m a girl.’ So we already don’t compete in the same lane for things. You do drinks, I do a podcast, we’re totally different,” she reasoned. “I drink your drink all summer long on camera. I say nice things about it. So I don’t expect him to go and be like, ‘I listen to Giggly Squad and it’s so funny.’ No one on my cast has ever said that to me. Not one person … No one’s been to a show.”

Looking back at the start of her podcast, Paige explained that she and Hannah wanted to have their own show to better showcase their true personalities.

“We were on a reality show and we were like, ‘Oh, we’re very dependent on the episodes and what airs. It’s very selective and so we were like, shoot, our personalities aren’t coming full-force like we wanted them to so let’s start a podcast.’ It wasn’t to get back at anyone. It wasn’t to talk about anything,” she clarified. “We’ve never, since the day we started, ever said Summer House. It’s such a separate part of my life that even when I go and film Summer House I don’t think of Giggly Squad because I know everyone there doesn’t like it, doesn’t care about it, won’t bring it up, so I’ve always just compartmentalized it. I don’t expect them to say anything about it.”

Moving on to Kyle and Amanda’s marriage drama, which saw the couple at odds throughout Summer House season eight due to Amanda’s desire to focus on her career and back away from Loverboy, Paige said she felt obligated to intervene.

“I feel like I started that conversation out very like, ‘Well, this is how she feels.’ I didn’t raise my voice at all and I was like, ‘How do you not know this about your wife?’ She’s the coolest. And also, anything Amanda put out, people would buy it,” she noted. “Amanda has always talked about bikinis. She’s always had issues with bikinis so it made sense. And so I was just like, ‘I’m gonna stick up for my friend.'”

Paige also stuck up for her friend Ciara, whose season eight flame, West, refused to commit.

“I will say when it comes to West, he was a great addition to the show. I would never not want him on the show. I feel like I said what I needed to say, I defended my friend. He knows what he did wrong or what he did right and they didn’t fully date, so I think they’ll have room to maybe be friends. He’s not like a [Tom Sandoval]. He fumbled the bag,” she stated. “It’s not like, ‘Oh my God, I’m never gonna talk to him.’”

Looking back on Hannah’s controversial exit from Summer House after season five, Paige confirmed she’s “always #JusticeforHannah.”

“Me and Hannah, from the moment we started on Summer House, this was us. We were always laughing. We were always cracking jokes. We were always doing some sort of bit. And I think that’s what started the rift between Hannah and Kyle because we were new and we didn’t know how it happened. Hannah was branded, ‘You’re annoying. You’re not a comedian.’ And I was branded like, ‘You’re a b*tch. You’re a mean girl. You do outfits,’” she recalled.

Meanwhile, the reception West and Jesse received was far different.

“To watch Jesse and West get all this love, and which I’m so happy because they are, genuinely, so funny and are great on the show, it was just funny to watch as a woman because I was like, ‘But I’ve been doing my podcast for five years now … And we’ve always been like this,’” she said. “So I’ve always been like, Justice for Hannah, she’s been funny since the day she was on TV. She never wasn’t funny.”

Part two of the Summer House season eight reunion airs Thursday at 9/8c on Bravo.