Summer House’s Amanda Batula on Rumors of Flirting With Jesse, Not Speaking to Danielle, and Cast Being “Afraid” of Lindsay Amid Carl Drama, Plus Not Caring About Kyle Crying and Update on Swimsuit Line

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Summer House's Amanda Batula on Rumors of Flirting With Jesse, Not Speaking to Danielle, and Cast Being "Afraid" of Lindsay Amid Carl Drama, Plus Not Caring About Kyle Crying and Update on Swimsuit Line

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Amanda Batula reacted to rumors of flirting with Jesse Solomon and confirmed her current estrangement with Danielle Olivera on Thursday night’s Watch What Happens Live.

While also reflecting on the drama between Lindsay Hubbard, 37, and Carl Radke, 39, explaining why she didn’t care about Kyle Cooke‘s tears on the latest episode of Summer House, and offering an update on her aspirations to launch her own swimsuit line, Amanda, 32, responded to a caller who suggested she had more chemistry with Jesse, 30, than her husband.

“I feel like every season, everyone’s like, ‘Oh, Amanda likes this person, Amanda likes that person. These people are good together.’ I think I’m just a very friendly, flirty, harmless person,” she explained on the May 16 episode of WWHL, adding, “I love Jesse, but not like that.”

As for where she stands with Danielle, Amanda replied to another caller.

“Well, I was actually at a bridal shower with her on Saturday, and she ignored me, which I found interesting because I think I only said two things [at the reunion] and they weren’t bad. I was trying to help explain. But yeah, she was very wonderful to my mother, but I tried to wave and we did not speak at all. And we sat at the same table,” she revealed.

On the WWHL: After Show, Amanda opened up about Lindsay and Carl, admitting that she didn’t feel Carl was completely honest about the conversation he had with his parents.

“That heart-to-heart, I know Carl was quite uncomfortable with it while it was happening. He was not honest with Lindsay. I don’t think he knew how to be as honest about everything,” she noted. “He tried to say everything he could without saying exactly what happened because he was so afraid of what her reaction would be, rightfully so. Because if Kyle’s parents said that to him, I would not react like, ’Thank you so much for telling me,’ so it was tough. But I think they told him what he maybe needed to hear.”

When Andy Cohen, 55, then asked Amanda if Carl was afraid of Lindsay, she suggested the entire cast was.

“I love you, Lindsay. [But] I think we’re all a little scared of how she might react, so not afraid of her, but afraid of her reaction because she’s also so much fun and she is a great girl,” she shared.

Back on the live broadcast, Amanda was questioned about Kyle having time to DJ, but not time to support her with her passions.

“I don’t love that at all. We’ve definitely talked about that,” she revealed. “I love that he’s doing something he loves. But I want him to love that I want to do something that I love.”

“But I’m very happy. He’s always wanted this. It’s very cute. Watching him DJ,” she added.

On recent episodes of Summer House, Amanda and Kyle have been at odds, with him focusing on Loverboy and claiming he has no time for anything else, and her attempting to get his support. And at one point, Kyle lashed out at Amanda, slamming her as a “f*cking b*tch.”

“We didn’t really talk about [that comment] yet. I think there’s a bigger conversation to be had,” Amanda said of her husband’s antics, adding that they don’t watch the show together.

With pressure from his business and his wife, Kyle broke down on Thursday night’s episode, but Amanda didn’t offer much compassion.

“I mean, I love that man, so it always hurts to see him cry, but I don’t know why … I didn’t really care that much,” she admitted. “I feel bad, like I love him so it’s like sad, but I was like, ‘Come on. I should be crying. You’re not supporting me.’”

As for whether Kyle was an “F-boy” for staying out until the wee hours of the morning, Amanda said, “I don’t think he’s an F-boy. I think he’s an A-hole.”

Also on WWHL, Amanda offered an update on her dreams of a swimsuit line.

“I’m looking into doing something, I’m putting a lot of thought into it. People are loving the swimsuit idea, which I didn’t realize how many other women are struggling to find cute tops that support larger breasts. So I gotta figure it out,” she shared. “I gotta talk to the people. I gotta find a, you know, I feel like it’s a bigger deal than just making them.”

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