Summer House’s Amanda Batula Hints There’s More to Lindsay’s Claims Against Carl, Discusses If Lindsay Was “Blindsided,” Kyle as a Flower Boy, and Lindsay Poking Carl, Plus Addresses Being “Too Harsh” on Kyle

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Summer House's Amanda Batula Discusses If Lindsay Was "Blindsided," Kyle as a Flower Boy, and Lindsay Poking Carl, Plus Hints There's More to Lindsay's Drug Claims and Addresses Being "Too Harsh" on Kyle

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Amanda Batula appeared on Thursday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, where she opened up about Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke‘s split, sharing if she believes her castmate was truly “blindsided.”

While also looking back on the former couple’s decision to include Kyle Cooke, 41, in their would-have-been-wedding, not as a groomsman but as a flower boy, the Summer House star, 32, reflected on Lindsay, 37, and Carl’s tension, addressed Lindsay drug use accusations against Carl, 39, and explained why she was so hard on her spouse amid season eight.

“I go back and forth with this,” Amanda said of Lindsay being “blindsided” on the April 4 episode of WWHL. “I think that Lindsay, I know she’s willing to fight for whatever relationship she’s in. She doesn’t want to give up, so I could see how she could feel blindsided because sometimes you’re blinded by love, and you just want to go through.”

As for Lindsay wanting Kyle, 41, to be her and Carl’s flower boy, she added, “I was more shocked that Carl kind of admitted it than hearing that it was her possible doing, but Kyle would’ve made a beautiful flower boy.”

During an episode earlier this season, Lindsay shocked viewers when she accused Carl of being “on something” after a night out. And according to Amanda, there may be more to that story.

“I think there’s a few reasons and none that I’m willing to say out loud,” she teased. “I think that [Lindsay] pokes the bear and provokes. We’ve all seen Carl have a dark side and an angry side, but it never happens first, and it doesn’t come out of nowhere.”

During a game of “Defend! Your! Husband!,” Amanda said she couldn’t defend Kyle for losing track of their dogs, calling out Jesse Solomon for flirting with Paige DeSorbo, 31, or staying out until 4:00 in the morning after the guys’ suit fitting because he was spending time with people he “just met.”

She also couldn’t defend Kyle’s mullet or his concerns about starting a family too quickly.

What she could defend was his confiding in Paige about their relationship issues.

“I shouldn’t have gotten so angry, but I love the relationship he has with Paige, so I will defend that,” she admitted.

As for Kyle wanting to do therapy but her not, Amanda clarified that she simply “didn’t want to film it.”

“I don’t have anything against it. We’ve been before together,” she explained.

Then, when Andy Cohen, 55, wanted to know if she felt she and Kyle would have a more successful marriage if they weren’t on Summer House, Amanda confessed that the series has actually been beneficial to them.

“The show has helped us have a lot of difficult conversations that maybe we would have skirted around or wouldn’t have had as early on. I think it’s been a blessing and a curse, but it’s definitely an experience. I love it,” she confirmed.

Although Amanda has been accused of being “too harsh” on Kyle at times, she said that when it came to season eight, she went into it in a tense place with her spouse.

“I think what relationship and marriage is, you just kind of go through the motions, and I was having a really hard time with Kyle. I was really annoyed with him going into that summer, and it shows. He would breathe and it bothered me,” she revealed.

Looking back, Amanda said that she “[felt] bad” for how she acted at times, but she noted that the audience doesn’t see everything she deals with.

“Kyle downplays everything to work in his favor,” she stated after being asked about Kyle’s claims that he doesn’t go out as much as he used to.

“And also,” she continued, “I live with Kyle. People love him. He’s great to watch. I live with him.”

Later, on the WWHL: After Show, Amanda was asked about how she felt seeing Danielle Olivera, 35, admit that she knew her now-ex-boyfriend, Joe Bradley, 28, had hooked up with Real Housewives of New York City alum Luann de Lesseps, 58, due to their location sharing.

“I had heard that through the grapevine before I watched her talk about it. I hated that for her,” Amanda stated.

According to Amanda, she didn’t trust Joe from day one.

“I remember Kyle went to Danielle’s birthday, and Joe Bradley was telling Kyle that they were boyfriend and girlfriend. He was announcing they were dating before having conversations with Danielle about it, and he was making moves without talking to Danielle, so I felt weird about him from the beginning, since BravoCon, honestly. But I’m happy that Danielle got out of it sooner rather than later,” she noted.

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