Lindsay Hubbard Responds to Paige’s Claim of “Fake Tears,” Kyle & Amanda Divorce Claims, and The Traitors Pregnancy Rumors, Plus Where She Stands With Summer House Costars

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Lindsay Hubbard Responds to Paige’s Claim of "Fake Tears," Kyle & Amanda Divorce Claims, and The Traitors Pregnancy Rumors, Plus Where She Stands With Summer House Costars

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Lindsay Hubbard is spilling the deets on a number of topics as she addresses the recent shade thrown by Paige DeSorbo, who accused her of shedding “fake tears.”

The Summer House star is also discussing her feud with co-star Kyle Cooke and the recent cheating rumors surrounding him.

During a June 13 interview with Rolling Stone, Lindsay was asked about how her castmates’ support changed between filming the finale episode and the taping of the Summer House: After Show, Lindsay noted that she was particularly bothered by Paige’s suggestion that she was crying “fake tears” after Carl broke up with her.

“That was really disappointing for me to see and quite honestly, it was really hurtful, because it made me question their support in one of the toughest, most humiliating moments of my life,” she said.

“This doesn’t even involve teams, just support me for the humiliation I had just gone through very publicly or have support for something bad that happens to somebody,” continued Lindsay. “To then watch someone talk about how I was faking my tears — I don’t even know how to fake tears. Or them saying that [Carl] didn’t actually break up with me. It was just really hurtful.”

After wrapping production on season eight earlier this year, Lindsay confirmed she’s been in touch with a number of her castmates.

“I texted with Amanda yesterday to check in on her and how she’s doing. Paige texted me a few weeks ago about the episode where I’m in the kitchen being really silly. [And] I texted [West Wilson] after we shot the reunion,” she revealed.

As for her chat with Amanda, 32, who has recently been faced with rumors claiming Kyle may have cheated on her in November 2023, Lindsay said that their discussions have not been in-depth.

“I feel like half the time there’s no truth to these rumors but regardless, I just wanted to check in on Amanda in general and make sure she’s okay,” she reasoned.

Also of the couple, Lindsay clapped back at Kyle for suggesting that Carl’s dismissiveness was something she fabricated in her mind.

“I cannot stand when a man tries to tell a woman how she should feel or not feel. I also think that Kyle isn’t Carl’s mouthpiece. Carl can speak for himself. This is not Kyle’s fight to fight, he has his own stuff that he needs to worry about,” she declared, adding that she’d “love to hear” Kyle apologize to Amanda for calling her a “f*cking b*tch.”

“Kyle loves to police apologies but then not give them, so I don’t think he’s one to talk,” she alleged.

On the heels of rumors suggesting she pulled out of filming on The Traitors season three, potentially due to an alleged pregnancy, which she previously denied, Lindsay admitted she’s confused by the claims.

“I’m also trying to understand more about that rumor. But unfortunately … I can’t really talk too much about Traitors,” she stated.

Also during the interview, Lindsay looked back on the season eight reunion, saying that she went into it knowing she needed to be “mentally and emotionally strong.”

“We’re also watching the remaining episodes of the show that week before we go into taping, so we’re basically binge-watching the last five episodes. There’s not really that much time left to dedicate to mentally and emotionally preparing. It’s almost worse if you think about it too much,” she explained.

According to Lindsay, going into a reunion taping is like going to war.

“I always feel that way. In the history of our reunions, I’m always in the hot seat,” she revealed.

That said, Lindsay noted that while reunion days are always “very tough,” the season eight taping was “one of the first reunions” where she didn’t feel “anxious” or “nervous.”

“Taping the reunion was the final step in this chapter but then watching these final episodes of this reunion is the official end. Now we can close the book, throw it out the window, burn it, and put it in the trash,” she stated.