Summer House’s Lindsay Hubbard Addresses Pregnancy Rumors, What Carl Said About Loverboy That Was Cut Out, and His “Only” Concern Post-Split, Plus Main Source of Fighting and Carl Airing Her Finances

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Lindsay Hubbard Addresses Rumors a Summer House Cast Member is Pregnant, What Carl Said About Loverboy That Was Cut Out, and His "Only" Concern Post-Split, Plus Main Source of Fighting and Carl Airing Her Finances

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Linsay Hubbard addressed rumors of a Summer House cast pregnancy while appearing on a podcast on Tuesday.

As she also revealed details of a scene that was cut from season eight and shared the one thing Carl, 39, was concerned about after their August 2023 split, Lindsay, 39, weighed in on her and Carl’s biggest issues, reacted to his airing out of her finances, and commented on the latest show rumors.

“These rumors are insane. I’m not pregnant [and] I was just with [Amanda Batula] in Portugal and Mexico,” Lindsay replied on the June 4 episode of Not Skinny But Not Fat, not mentioning any of the other women of the show.

While Carl was critical of Lindsay’s handling of his return to Loverboy with Kyle Cooke, 41, Lindsay said she had good reason for being concerned and wished more had been shown of their discussion at the alien party.

“I wish they didn’t cut this out: [He] told me that it was the worst four years of his life, that it was so emotionally and physically draining on him that he needed the last nine months to decompress from working at Loverboy for four years,” she revealed. “So two weeks later .. Of course, I’m gonna be like, ‘Are you sure that’s what you want to do?’ And all of a sudden he’s getting so defensive and telling me I need to change.”

Even after their split, Lindsay said Carl was “only concerned” about himself and his public image and failed to check up on her at all.

“He never once asked me, ‘Are you okay?’ The only things he texted me about were about his public image from what the internet was saying and attempting to go to couples therapy after he canceled the couples therapy to break up with me,” she revealed. “He wasn’t calling any of my friends to check on me … At no point in those three weeks [was] he like, ‘Are you okay? I’m so sorry this wound up becoming such a sh*t storm and the whole world found out within 30 minutes.'”

In the weeks following her and Carl’s breakup, Lindsay lost weight and “wasn’t eating.”

“I wasn’t keeping anything down. I couldn’t. The anxiety, it just was out of control, I didn’t really get my appetite back for like three months,” she shared.

As for the main cause of their breakup, Lindsay suspected Carl wasn’t “fully prepared” for marriage.

“I think he committed and loved as much as he’s capable. But I don’t think he has a full understanding of what being in an adult relationship really takes and the type of partnership you need to have before you start adding children,” she stated. “This was only the beginning so if he was overwhelmed and couldn’t handle the beginning, I think that was gonna be tough.”

Although Lindsay felt that Carl wasn’t ready to settle down, Carl gave a number of other causes for ending their engagement.

“He had like, every reason under the book. He was pulling from the sky and all of them are pretty unacceptable to me,” Lindsay admitted. “There’s 15 steps in between that one in which is don’t cancel couples therapy to replace them with cameras in here to break up with me. He even admitted that couples therapy was helping us get on the same page communication-wise and then you cancel the couples therapy to break up with me and then ask me the next day to go to couples therapy. I was like ‘Are you out of your mind?’”

While Carl previously said he tried to postpone his and Lindsay’s wedding, Lindsay said he did no such thing and confirmed that when it came to their breakup discussion, she was there “looking to repair.”

“I felt like my questions [were] very valid adult questions that partners ask each other before they get married and start their lives together and have children but he didn’t see it that way. I’m not walking in with swords out and he’s just walking in looking to bulldoze and be done and that’s what he did,” she recalled.

Because cameras had to pick back up after wrapping production on the season before Lindsay and Carl split, many felt that weeks had passed between the end of filming and the breakup. However, it was just three days.

“We left the Hamptons on Sunday and we got into a fight in the car on the way home and he said some nasty things to me and then we didn’t talk for a couple of days and next thing you know, the producers were like, ‘Okay, we’re coming to film.’ And I was like, ‘What are we filming about?’ They were like, ‘You guys kind of left the house weird on Sunday,’ which was true. But he knew. He knew what he was gonna do. I had no idea,” she stated. “I thought we were gonna like, work through that career conversation yet again.”

“I’m not a giver-upper and I am in it, and you have to keep in mind, we were filming for a total of maybe like nine weeks over the summer,” Lindsay continued. “Carl and I fought the first two weeks that we were in the house and then there [were] five weeks that we were good and then the last two weeks. So it wasn’t like all summer. I actually think Kyle and Amanda fought more than me and Carl. Ours just seemed more intense because we had more on the line. There was more at stake. So we really weren’t fighting all summer.”

“For me it’s like, what are you going to do, call off a wedding because you just fought with your fiance for two weeks? No. Nobody does that. You committed to working through issues. This is a forever relationship. You don’t just give up,” she added.

Looking back, Lindsay said “communication issues” were her and Carl’s main source of fighting.

“Carl does not communicate quite like an adult should,” she revealed. “I just felt like, you have to have conversations about everything in life, especially if you’re going to get married and he just struggled so hard with talking about anything that wasn’t happy.”

At one point during the season, Carl complained about Lindsay making more in the social media space because she was a female and spoke of the amount she’d made, including an alleged $70,000 brand deal.

“His finances were not correct. So again, the smoke and mirrors things,” she explained. “[And] that’s not really appropriate for him to be airing what I’m making outside of the show but whatever … What I did not appreciate about that conversation is he’s basically speaking out of both sides of his mouth. You’re using this influencer brand campaign career, saying that’s not a career, but then [saying], ‘That’s how you’re making your money.’ You’re making no sense and contradicting yourself at every sentence.”

“[Also], why are you complaining about like, ‘Oh I’m making more money than you because I’m a woman?'” she went on. “Then go work in a male-dominated field where there’s plenty of males making more money than almost every single woman in the United States. Leave us alone in our female-dominated field.”

Towards the end of the episode, Lindsay answered a series of rapid-fire questions, saying Stephen McGee was the cast member she’d bring back to the show to “stir up some drama” and naming Amit Neuman as the former star she does not want to see back because “he didn’t bring anything to the table.”

She also said she believes Paige DeSorbo, 31, and Craig Conover, 35, will eventually get married.

“I do. But on her timeline,” she clarified.