Summer House Recap: Don’t Poke the Bear

    summer house recap don't poke the bear

    Can’t we all just get along? Seems like nothing can keep this Summer House crew from drama-packed weekends full of rose, theme parties, and pool toys.

    Post tribal bonfire, everyone is in love with each other. In the words of Kyle, we are the “good vibe tribe.” The GVT preps for a night out of drinking til they can’t see …or get out of cars. Wait…that’s just Kyle. Amanda has had ENOUGH. Kyle drunk eats God knows what, walks around the house…does basically anything but spend time with Amanda. Ya know, his weekend girlfriend. The rest of the party animals don’t stroll back home until like..6 am. How do these people do it?! I wake UP at 6 am. Read more

    Summer House Recap: Bonfire Insanity

    bravo summer house recap lindsay vs lauren fight

    THANK GOD Summer House picks up right where Lauren smashes the cake and makes out with Carl. Nothing says America’s birthday quite like that! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more cringe-worthy, Lauren whips out her boobs and dances in a circle, throwing out one liners like, Carl “deserves a KICK in the face.” GET IT?! GOOD ONE.

    Carl is annoyed about getting caked and Lindsay decides that RIGHT NOW would be a great time to discuss how heartbroken she is still about Everett, her ex. Carl listens to Lindsay get all emo and all I can think about is hot he must be because he is wearing a SWEATER (aka his chest hair). Lauren enters mid-Everett chat and tries to steal the attention. Lauren thinks Lindsay was talking smack to Carl and nothing can change what she thinks. Lindsay tries to explain the Carl-convo, but Lauren is wigging out in the bathroom with Lindsay. I can’t even keep track of what Lauren thinks or is saying and I think it’s about time homegirl eats some pizza rolls and goes to bed. It seems as though these girls have taken a one way ticket to hot mess express land. Read more

    Summer House Recap: Stars and Gripes

    summer house recap stars and gripes lauren carl cake

    It’s the Fourth of July over at the Summer House and I can already envision themed outfits and lotsa of drunken antics. Just your average weekend…

    The episode starts in NYC, where the crew spends the work-week working and doing normal human-being things. Amanda meets at Kyle’s apartment and the couple discusses co-habitating, and not just in the summer house. GASP. Kyle explains that during the week, he is a loner. So, basically, it sounds like Amanda should prep to move in elsewhere, considering that Kyle doesn’t even wanna see Amanda five days a week. Read more