Paige DeSorbo Dishes on Having “a Lot” of Dirt on Summer House Cast, What Fans Don’t Know About Amanda, and Lindsay’s “Insane” Comment to Carl, Plus Knowing They Wouldn’t Work, How West and Jesse “Flipped,” and Reunion

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Summer House's Paige DeSorbo on Having "a Lot" of Dirt on Cast, What Fans Don't Know About Amanda, and Lindsay's "Insane" Comment to Carl, Plus Knowing They Wouldn't Work, How West and Jesse "Flipped," and Reunion

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After filming six seasons of Summer House, Paige DeSorbo, understandably, has a lot of dirt on her castmates. But does she ever want to share it?

During a podcast appearance last week, Paige, 31, addressed a number of Bravo hot topics, including what fans don’t know about Amanda Batula, 32, Lindsay Hubbard‘s drama with Carl Radke, 39, West Wilson, 29, and Jesse Solomon, 30, joining the cast, and more.

“Sometimes yes and no but sometimes if that person knows I know, that’s good enough for me because I’m like, ‘You wanna fight with me, I have lists and lists of sh*t that no one even knows but you know that I know.’ And I feel like I have that a lot,” Paige admitted on the June 7 episode of the Chicks in the Office podcast after being asked if she ever wants to air her co-stars’ dirty laundry.

While Paige has gone through ups and downs with her castmates, she had nothing but praise for Amanda, noting that viewers don’t realize how authentic she is.

“Amanda does not have a hidden agenda at all. She’s not coming in to be friends with you to benefit from something, She’s not talking about you to someone else because she has some plan. She genuinely is the chillest f*cking girl. But she is also one of the most naturally cool girls I’ve ever met,” Paige gushed, adding, “Any outfit she puts on, she looks good. Any way she does her hair, she looks good.”

Throughout the latest season of Summer House, season eight, the months leading up to Lindsay, 37, and Carl’s 2023 breakup were spotlighted and many tense moments were seen. However, it was the moment in which Lindsay suggested Carl had relapsed that was the most cringe-worthy for Paige.

“In the beginning of the summer, when she was calling him a drug addict, I literally, actively walked away. I was like, I don’t want to be involved in any of this. That’s insane to say to someone sober,” she noted.

According to Paige, she never thought Lindsay and Carl were ready for marriage — even at the time they got engaged.

“I said it the day they got engaged. I said, ‘You shouldn’t be doing this,’” she recalled.

Also on season eight, fans were introduced to West and Jesse, who weren’t exactly as Paige expected them to be.

“I don’t think West was expecting how many people really do watch Bravo. And I actually thought Jesse was gonna act more like West and they totally flipped,” she explained. “Jesse’s been very cool about people all of the sudden loving him. He’s been very level-headed [and] taking it like a job, which I feel you do have to do. You can’t get caught up in the sauce so I commend him for that.”

Also on the podcast, Paige admitted that “a lot happened” between the end of production and the filming of the reunion.

“A lot of press happened, a lot of chatter happened, a lot of people talking this, and, ‘I heard this and you said that.’ We are in a different spot and I think it’s hard sometimes for the viewer because they just watched the finale so they think it’s gonna be the same energy. Some of it’s the same but some of it’s not,” she explained.

She went on to say that because she and her castmates live together during filming, there is a lot of backstory that viewers may not understand.

“I go off of what I’ve seen on the show, what I’ve seen in past episodes. And being on it, it’s hard because we all genuinely live with each other 24/7. So there’s so much we know about each other, so much that has happened off-camera, on-camera in the past six years that is the reason we fight with each other about different stuff. Some of the stuff, even if they showed it on TV, would make no sense to the viewer because there’s so much backstory there, fourth wall things that you wouldn’t really get,” she revealed. “So I always say, your favorite person on a reality show is not as great as you think they are. But also, the person you hate the most isn’t as bad as you think they are either.”

Part two of the Summer House season eight reunion airs Thursday at 8/7c on Bravo.