Craig Conover Reveals What Really Happened at Wedding of Amanda & Kyle as He Admits He Was “Asked to Not Come Back in,” Plus He Shades Danielle

by Lindsay Cronin Comments
Craig Conover Reveals What Really Happened at Wedding of Amanda & Kyle as He Admits He Was "Asked to Not Come Back in," Plus He Shades Danielle

Credit: Bravo

Craig Conover is taking aim at Danielle Olivera after the Summer House cast member created a fake rumor about him getting kicked out of Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula‘s September 2021 wedding.

Years after the 35-year-old Southern Charm star attended the event with girlfriend Paige DeSorbo, 31, he was questioned about being dragged into the drama of Summer House season eight, which saw Lindsay Hubbard, 37, revealing that Danielle was behind the supposed leak.

“I try not to get too involved with their stuff. I was always bummed about that because they keep using the word ‘leak’ and it was actually made up, which kind of hurt my feelings,” Craig clarified during an interview with Us Weekly on June 17.

That said, while Craig denied being kicked out of Kyle and Amanda’s wedding, he admitted he was asked not to return.

“There was definitely something that happened at the end of the night and that’s when I drank too much,” he shared. “We had a really good time at the wedding and then when we already were leaving I basically was made sure to be like, ‘You know what? I don’t think you need to come back in here.’”

According to Craig, his explanation of the ordeal may be his way of “justifying” his bad behavior. But still, when it came down to it, he had already left once he was asked not to come back.

“It was a filmed event. I think if I was kicked out, we would’ve seen it on TV,” he noted, continuing, “But to be fair, I was asked to not come back in, in case I wanted to decide to come back in.”

Looking back on the incident, Craig suggested that while drama is normal for reality television, he felt Danielle, 35, was trying to “tear [him] down” by going to press with her false account.

“Sometimes people get pulled into the mud and I think it’s a natural thing. Everyone’s going through something and I just continue to try to lift people up and show them there’s plenty of room at the table and to not be intimidated by other people’s success or getting better,” he stated. “I guess I’ll never understand trying to tear people down but see, I’ve been guilty of that stuff in the past too and that’s why I just try to show people growth is okay.”

While Craig seemed to go back and forth with his account, and whether or not it was an excuse, he confirmed that he’s accepted that his drunken behavior at Kyle and Amanda’s wedding wasn’t acceptable.

“I used to make excuses and be like ‘Oh, I didn’t get kicked out of the wedding. I just was told I couldn’t come back in.’ But now I’m able to accept that, ‘That’s not okay either, Craig.’ So I try to just focus on what I can control, which is myself and my reaction to other people,” he concluded. “I try not to get too worked up about stuff like that.”

As fans may recall, Paige addressed Craig’s behavior at the wedding on an episode of Watch What Happens Live last year, telling host Andy Cohen, 56, that while there were reports of a fight between them, it was nothing major.

“I’m sure he probably drank a little too much and didn’t meet me on the dance floor, like normal wedding stuff,” she explained. “He will talk to everyone and I like to talk to no one.”

Southern Charm season 10 is expected to premiere on Bravo sometime in the coming months.