Married to Medicine Recap: Island Problems

by Tiffany Brown Comments

Married to Medicine Recap Island Fever

The couples of Married to Medicine continued their vacation in Barbados in last night’s episode. What an absolutely beautiful island!  Nothing but white sand, and crystal clear blue water, for as far as the eye can see.

But there’s a storm brewing beneath the surface, and in the grand meteorological tradition of naming storms after women, this one is named Quad.

If you’ve been watching all season, you know that Quad has been out of sorts. She and Dr. Greg just haven’t been getting along, and the stress is beginning to take its toll.

Quad has said that she feels “unappreciated” in her marriage, and that she needs more emotional support from her husband. If those complaints sound vague to you, you’re not alone.

Dr. Greg has noticed Quad’s unhappiness, but when he pressed her to articulate her needs more specifically, she was unable to do so, and Greg became pretty frustrated. This cycle of  non communication has made the two pretty combative.

Now that the couples are on their trip, everyone is hoping that the beautiful and relaxing atmosphere will calm the tension, but instead it seems to be building in the smaller quarters and shared agenda of a group trip.

Dr. Heavenly’s husband Damon is from Barbados, and after much research, Heavenly was able to locate Damon’s father’s gravesite. The two shared an emotional moment as Damon reflected on his father’s life.

But when the Heavenly and Damon joined  the others for lunch, and Heavenly tearfully told the others of the experience, Quad appeared agitated and uninterested.

Rather than politely listening to a story that had absolutely nothing to do with her, Quad  interrupted the touching moment by loudly calling out for the wait staff to bring salt and pepper.

How rude! Simone, who was so touched by Heavenly’s uncharacteristic show of vulnerability, she was tearing up herself, quickly admonished Quad for her rudeness, and said that the moment wasn’t about her. The others agreed, and Heavenly was finally able to continue.

Heavenly then announced that she had arranged for sex therapist, Dr. Tiffany to speak to the group. When she arrived, she asked the others what concerns they had about the intimacy in their marriages.

Toya piped up right away, of course. She needs more “adventure” from Dr. Eugene. She’s been complaining all season about their waning sex life. It probably doesn’t help that Toya constantly teases Eugene publicly about his lack of interest and his rather vanilla approach to sex.

Simone has had different complaints about her marriage, and expressed that she and Cecil’s sex life would be better if they had more emotional intimacy. She repeated her frustration at Cecil’s reluctance to say ‘I love you’.


Despite the serious, and slightly embarrassing subject matter, the discussion was pretty light hearted, but things took a turn when Dr. Greg piped up. Dr. Greg said it was his belief that when a woman is truly into her man, her inhibitions fly out the window, and she would “do anything” for him when it came to sex. In fact, he said that “rule” is that the wife is supposed to do whatever’s needed to “please her husband”!

As you can imagine, the other ladies did not take kindly to this statement, and there was a lot of eye rolling and head shaking. Quad shut the whole conversation down when said that if he wanted his needs met, a husband needed to treat his wife like a queen, so that she felt loved, and was comfortable enough in the relationship to try.

Now, you would think that the one person who would keep their mouth shut would be Curtis, right? But he couldn’t help himself. He piped up to say that he needed more time from Dr. Jackie, and that he often felt lonely in their relationship because she gave more of herself and her time to her patients.

This is an old bone of contention between the two, and Curtis has all but blamed his very public affair on the lack of attention he gets from Jackie. This man has a lot of nerve! Dr. Contessa and Dr. Scott could be heard whispering to each other about what a “selfish a-hole” he was being. They weren’t wrong.

Jackie explained that her patients needed her, and that she felt guilty not being fully available to them. The sex therapist was understanding about Jackie’s feelings, but may not have known the back story, because she encouraged Dr. Jackie to bring the same level of commitment to her own life as she does her patients’, and to add her husband to her “list of priorities”.

Curtis sat back looking satisfied at this validation, but it was probably the last thing Jackie needed to hear. Perhaps even more hurtful to her than the affair, itself, the public backlash Jackie has received has been crushing. Jackie was surprised at comments she read online where people blamed Curtis’ affair on her. They called her cold, and “too driven” in her career to make her husband happy. Such things are never said to men, and Jackie was rightfully frustrated.

This trip has been particularly taxing for Jackie because her relationship is once again under the microscope, while the others observe and analyze her interactions with Curtis.

If you recall, Curtis was not even supposed to be on the trip, and “surprised” her at the airport, after being invited by Simone. Dr. Jackie had wanted to take things slow, as they worked toward a possible reconciliation, but Curtis was beginning to get a little too comfortable.

Dr. Eugene leaned over and suggested that he and Toya sneak off for a little fun in the bathroom (yuck!), but NOT on the beach, as Toya had suggested. Poor Eugene. Toya wants seduction and clothes ripping passion, but he just can’t seem to get it together. But perhaps there’s a physical reason for his decreased libido?

When the doctors go on a medical mission to provide blood pressure screenings to some of the underserved members of the community around the island, it was discovered that Dr. Eugene’s blood pressure was dangerously high.

Dr. Jackie wanted to have Dr. Eugene admitted to a hospital, as blood pressure that high could lead to a heart attack, or stroke in fairly short order. Dr. Eugene refused to go to the hospital but agreed that he had dropped the ball on his own health. He’d been skipping the gym and his medications, but promised to do better.

Heavenly arranged to end the day with a cruise around the island for the couples on a beautiful yacht, complete with a full bar and personal chef. It was lovely until the ladies began discussing their relationships with each other. Mariah said that she was starting to feel comfortable with the group again, but only because she was just keeping her mouth shut in an effort to avoid offending anyone.

Mariah said that she could barely breathe without being jumped on, while everyone walked around on egg shells to avoid offending Quad. Now Mariah did not need to mention specific names, but she’s not wrong. Quad often acts as though her behavior is above reproach, and she is rarely called in it.

But Quad and Mariah still haven’t fully reconciled, and Quad hasn’t been in a very light hearted mood recently. Quad immediately began yelling at Mariah, insisting that she wasn’t treated any differently by the group.

To make matters worse, Simone took Mariah’s side, saying that because Quad is so sensitive, they have, indeed, had to tiptoe around her feelings. In fact, Simone said that she felt as though they all put Quad on a pedestal. That did it!

Quad got right up in Simone’s face, saying that she the ladies never gave her a break, and that she wasn’t overly sensitive. This last point may have been more convincing if she hadn’t been crying and screaming at the top of her lungs.

I suspect Quad is simply at her breaking point. She’s probably not THAT angry at the ladies. After all, their comments had been fairly innocuous. It’s Greg that’s got her and sixes and sevens.

The show faded to black at that point, but stay tuned! When the doctors return in two weeks, we’ll see the conclusion of this epic trip to Barbados. Let’s just hope they all make it off that boat!