Lala Kent Says Boyfriend Randall Emmett “Very Hurt” By James Kennedy’s Comments, Talks Marriage & Denies Being A Gold Digger!

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

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Lala Kent is completely in love with boyfriend Randall Emmett, which is why she is choosing to cut James Kennedy completely out of her life after he made some hurtful comments about her beau.

Just over two years into their relationship, the Vanderpump Rules star is becoming more and more open with her romance, even appearing on red carpet events with him. In a new interview, Lala reveals if marriage is in the works with Randall, shares how he felt about James’ comments, and also denies being a gold digger.

“We’re not in a rush to get married, but yeah, I see that happening,” Lala, 27, explained to Us Weekly when asked if the two had plans to tie the knot. “And I see us having a family, it’s just all about timing.”

As for why she’s chosen to keep Randall, 46, off-screen, Lala said that he’s simply on another level.

“He’s in such a different world than I am. It’s like, while I’m filming a reality TV show, he’s producing movies with Martin Scorsese,” she said. “It’s like I’m not going to ever bring him on to that show, no.”

She also opened up about the hurt James caused when he trashed Randall on a recent episode of Vanderpump Rules by calling him a “big fat Rolls Royce.”

“He’s very hurt,” said Lala. “My man has been so kind to him. You know, we’ve taken James with us to Las Vegas and … Not saying that, ‘We’ve paid and done a lot of stuff for you,’ but he really wanted James to be a part of our little friend group.”

So is there any hope of a reconciliation with James? “I have him blocked from my cellphone to all social media,” stated Lala. “You know you come for me, but when you come for my man, game over.”

Prior to Randall’s relationship with Lala, he was married but seperated to actress Ambyr Childers. In fact, the couple was still married up until last December, which is why Lala chose to keep her boyfriend’s identity a secret for quite some time.


Now that she’s confirmed their relationship, Lala has been revealing new details about their love for one another as she continues to enjoy tons of super-romantic moments with her man.

“He told me to just pack a bag and not ask any questions, and there was a helicopter waiting for me, dropped me off at this beautiful home full of flowers,” recalled Lala about her most romantic moment with Randall. “We went and had a beautiful dinner and he laced me in beautiful diamonds and Chanel. Sometimes I look in the mirror and I’m like, ‘Who are you?’”

And in a separate interview with PEOPLE, Lala makes it clear that while she enjoys an amazing life with her movie producer beau, she is far from being a gold digger.

“I’ll be honest. If I’m going to go for money, I’m going to go for the gusto,” said Lala on why she’s with her boyfriend only for love and not for money.

“I’m obsessed with the way he takes care of my heart and soul,” she added. “I’ve just never had someone baby me in that way… and he’s so passionate and funny.”

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