Kathryn Dennis Breaks Silence on Thomas Ravenel’s Sexual Assault Allegations, Plus Thomas Now Facing Possible Obstruction Charges & Terrified of Going Back to Prison

by Sola Delano Comments

Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel News

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis is finally addressing the sexual assault allegations being made against Thomas Ravenel, her ex and the father of her two kids.

Additionally, more details are coming out about the investigation which might result in possible charges of obstruction against Thomas. Plus, sources close to Thomas are revealing how he’s coping with all of the allegations against him. And let’s just say, he’s not doing too well. 

First, Kathryn, 25, appeared on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ on Monday night, and host Andy Cohen proceeded to ask her if she had anything to say about the two allegations out against Thomas. Ashley Perkins, a 29-yr-old realtor, recently alleged that Thomas sexually assaulted her mother back in December 2015 following a first date, and then paid her mother $200,000 in 2016 to settle her case against him.

Then earlier this month, a woman named Dawn, who worked as a former nanny for both Thomas and Kathryn, went to cops and accused Thomas of rape. That case is now under investigation.

“Well, I’m waiting until the investigation is complete before I comment on anything,” said Kathryn. “And right now, my kids are my main focus.”

Craig Conover, who appeared on the show with Kathryn, added: “Yeah, all I know is what I’ve seen in the media. So it really wouldn’t be right for me to say anything at this point. I’m where everyone else is.”

Meanwhile, South Carolina media outlet Fitsnews spoke to multiple sources close to Thomas who reveal he is not coping well at all with the allegations being leveled against him, and most importantly, with the fact that cops are now investigating a possible rape case. Even more shocking, one source alleges Thomas might be having suicidal thoughts.

“He’s wiggin out,” a source who spoke recently to Thomas revealed. “Talking all kinds of crazy.  Alluding to the idea of suicidal-type thoughts.”

Particularly, Thomas is reportedly terrified of going back to prison, something he’s described to multiple sources as a “death sentence.”  Back in 2008, Thomas served a 10-month prison sentence after pleading guilty to drug charges.


The site also reports that Charleston police is making progress when it comes to their investigation against Thomas.

Multiple key pieces of evidence, such as a cell phone containing what one source calls “incriminating data” are currently being turned over to detectives.

Even worse for Thomas, cops are now looking at possible “obstruction” charges as he allegedly tried to get one of his accusers to “back down.”

As previously reported, Bravo is currently investigating these accusations against Thomas. As for Thomas, he has denied all assault allegations through his attorney.

Photos Credit: Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo