Ashley Perkins Is Now Defending Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel Against Rape Claims Months After She Accused Him of Sexually Assaulting Her Mother

Ashley Perkins Defends Thomas Ravenel In Sexual Assault Case

Ashley Perkins Defends Thomas Ravenel In Sexual Assault Case

In today’s bizarro news, Ashley Perkins, a 29-yr-old realtor who accused Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel of sexually assaulting her mother following a Tinder date, is now defending him against the rape allegations being leveled against him by his former nanny. Read more

Thomas Ravenel’s Ex-Girlfriend Luzanne Otte Accuses Him and Ashley Jacobs of Harassing Her, Talks ‘Scary’ Night With Thomas & Says He Once Wished Kathryn Dennis Would Overdose

Southern Charm Luzanne Otte and Kathryn Dennis vs Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs

Southern Charm Luzanne Otte and Kathryn Dennis vs Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs

Thomas Ravenel‘s former girlfriend, Luzanne Otte, is speaking out against the Southern Charm star on the heels of numerous sexual assault claims against him.

As the reality star and ex-politician remains under investigation by police in South Carolina, and by Bravo TV, Luzanne is sharing details of her past dating relationship with Thomas while also accusing him and his current girlfriend Ashley Jacobs of cyber-bullying and harassing her.

Luzanne, a 37-yr-old Harvard graduate who studied law, also alleges that Thomas once told her he wished his ex and mother of his two kids, Kathryn Dennis, would overdose. First, Luzanne opened up about how she met Thomas. Read more

Kathryn Dennis Breaks Silence on Thomas Ravenel’s Sexual Assault Allegations, Plus Thomas Now Facing Possible Obstruction Charges & Terrified of Going Back to Prison

Judge Rules In Favor of Southern Charm's Kathryn Dennis Amid Custody Battle with Thomas Ravenel

Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel News

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis is finally addressing the sexual assault allegations being made against Thomas Ravenel, her ex and the father of her two kids.

Additionally, more details are coming out about the investigation which might result in possible charges of obstruction against Thomas. Plus, sources close to Thomas are revealing how he’s coping with all of the allegations against him. And let’s just say, he’s not doing too well.  Read more

Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel Is Being Investigated by Police After Another Alleged Sexual Assault Victim Comes Forward

Southern Charm's Thomas Ravenel Bashes Fan After Pleading Guilty to Assaulting Former Nanny as He Breaks Silence on Criminal Case

Southern Charm Thomas Ravenel Investigation

Police in Charleston, South Carolina have reportedly launched a preliminary investigation into new claims being made against Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel.

On the heels of the news of an investigation launched by Bravo TV regarding an alleged sexual assault in 2015, a new report claims the reality star and father of two is facing similar allegations from a second woman, who reportedly took part in a five-hour interview with police on Monday. Read more

More Details Revealed About Southern Charm Star Thomas Ravenel’s Alleged Six-Figure Settlement for Sexual Assault, Plus Leaked Voicemail

Thomas Ravenel accuser

Thomas Ravenel accuser

Following our first report earlier this week about an allegation that Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel settled a sexual assault case two years ago, more details are now coming out about the case.

Ashley Perkins, the daughter of the alleged victim, is not backing down when it comes to her claims that back in December 2015, Thomas allegedly assaulted her mother during what was supposed to be a first date. And with the help of high powered attorney Gloria Allred, Ashley alleges the case was settled for six figures in June of 2016, and that her mother signed a non-disclosure agreement.

In a new interview, Ashley shared her side of the story plus she put out a voicemail recording she says is of an inebriated Thomas from the night of the alleged assault.  Read more

Did Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel Settle A Sexual Assault Case? Details and Photos of the Shocking Allegations Revealed

Ashley Perkins Defends Thomas Ravenel In Sexual Assault Case

Southern Charm Thomas Ravenel Sexual Assault Allegations

This is quite a tough story to cover so we’ll dive right into it.

This allegation that Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel paid off a woman two years ago to settle a sexual assault claim first came to light on April 12.

Ashley Perkins, a 29-yr-old model and realtor from Florida, tweeted an allegation that Thomas, 55, paid off her mother two years ago to settle a sexual assault claim against him. Ashley even shared photos of her mother’s injuries that she alleges were inflicted by Thomas. Read more