90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Tell All Part II Recap

by Julia Comments

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Tell All Part 2 Recap - Pedro and Chantel, Anfisa and Jorge

Where did we leave off on the last reunion episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Ah yes. Right when Jorge popped out of his stoned state to defend Anfisa from Russ. Jorge states: “Don’t talk to my f*cking wife like that…” It’s all ringing a bell now.

Funny part is, Russ was the one doing most of the sh*t talking, yet somehow the issue becomes Jorge vs. Pao. It’s hilarious how Jessica Rabbit, I mean, Pao, steps in front of Russ because even she knows that Russ could get his butt kicked by a Russian mail-order bride. When she realizes that this wasn’t gonna end well, Pao and Russ storm off the set and Anfisa yells about, “Two aggressive people and a dumb f*cking c*nt from Colombia.” Russ states, “I’m not gonna lower myself to their level.” Right. Poor Shaun Robinson tries to figure out the entire mess of a situation while one of the producers tries to get Pao and Russ back to the couch. Once the couple makes the re-entrance to the set, Russ pulls the whole “we’re moving on” card.

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Tell All Part 2 Recap Paola and Russ Fight

To keep the heated tension going, Shaun plays the reel of Jorge back pedaling hard. In this scene, Jorge is addressing the “web cam porn” about Anfisa to Ramon, his buddy. The video tape never lies. When is Jorge ever going to understand that he is on a TV show and that whenever a camera crew is around, he is getting filmed, and if he is getting filmed, there’s a potential that it may end up on the show? Good grief. Jorge looks like he got caught with his hand in a cookie jar while. Anfisa denies that she had ANY involvement in this video. Jorge blatantly lies that he never thought Anfisa was the star of the film. It’s a disaster. Just like their relationship.


Shaun Robinson probes deeper and wants to know what Jorge was insinuating at last year’s reunion when he mysteriously stated to ask Anfisa what she does for a living. To clarify that statement, Jorge says he was just “trying to make her [Anfisa] look like a ho.” David and Annie confirm that the girl on the webcam video really DOES look like Anfisa and instead of coming clean, Anfisa asks to move on. Sure, GF. We can move on. But it doesn’t seem like the next topic is all rainbows and butterflies. This time, Jorge is in the hot seat. Jorge could be facing up to 12 years in prison for marijuana charges in Arizona. David decides to give his two cents. Ever the clever man, David realizes that Jorge was just trying to make that dough to support the type of lifestyle Anfisa demands to have. David wants to know if “Anafisa” was the reason Jorge got busted. Ah, David. First, learn your cast members’ names, and thennnn stop being a detective. It’s easy!

Robbalee is in the house, guys! Nicole’s mom is on set explaining her suspicions about Azan during her Moroccan adventure. She states that it was disappointing that they were not set to marry because “they’ve had their falling down issues.” Nicole and Azan do their best to prove to Robbalee that they are actually going to wed, but everyone just rolls their eyes. Robbalee further explains that she has her “reservations” about Azan, despite “really” liking him. It’s so awkward watching Azan try convince Robbalee of his true intentions…because let’s face it, the guy doesn’t seem to be the marrying type.

Why are all of these couples absolute train wrecks?! Take Pedro and Chantel, for instance. Pedro wants to take a vacation by himself to the Dominican Republic because he doesn’t want to be around the family Chantel. In his defense, the family Chantel is absolutely painful and Pedro thinks that Chantel is only on their side. Chantel says that she is not “completely” influenced by her family, but I would have to disagree.

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Tell All Part 2 Recap Chantel Family Mom and Dad

Good thing Chantel’s parents get invited into the convo via Skype. You can see Pedro get immediately heated and then he up and walks off the set. Chantel looks like she may cry, but let’s be serious: she is a robot who is unable to use facial expressions to convey emotions. Chantel follows Pedro off the set and he agrees to come back and chat. I am suuure this little conversation is going to go over well after that escapade. Pedro claims he wants the relationship with the family Chantel to get better, but he does nothing to help the situation. As awful as Pedro behaves, Chantel’s parents also behave badly. They continue to think that Pedro is a part of a Dominican marriage ring for money (huh?) and they are unapologetic about their hiring of a private investigator.

Upon re-playing the family Chantel vs. Pedro fight, you could hear a pin drop on set. Pedro blames the start of the fight on River, Chantel’s brother. Chantel thinks that Pedro was the aggressor. Obviously, Chantel’s mom has to weigh in by saying, “When you approach someone with your fist raised, what would expect us to give you? A lollipop?” Chantel’s mom further solidifies her role as my least favorite cast member by reading off a Sir Isaac Newton quote about actions and reactions. I can hardly deal with this whole thing, particularly when Chantel’s mom only apologizes for pulling Pedro’s sister’s weave out. LOL. What’s not funny is the fact that Pedro’s mom thinks he should go back to the DR and divorce Chantel. Pedro explains that “it’s more better to leave” while Chantel’s mom innocently says, “I thought we were making a wonderful blended family.” What planet does this lady live on?! Has she forgotten that she shouted “Immigration for you!” during the brawl?!

All of the couples return to the couch with Shaun and naturally the cast has to share their reaction to the family Chantel fight. Pao sides with Pedro and states that she believes River started the confrontation. David, ever the love guru, is concerned about the physical violence. Par for the course with this group.

Changing gears, the focus turns to Pao and Russ and their rocky relationship since Pao’s miscarriage. It’s uncomfortable watching the season play back and even Pao gets emotional. She continues to harp on the fact that she didn’t feel like Russ was supporting her throughout the loss of her grandmother and baby. I kinda feel bad for Russ, too, as he explains that Pao has an independent side and that she tends hold in feelings. Russ states he isn’t ready to have a baby and that maybe the universe was trying to send the couple a message when Pao had a miscarriage. It may be a little too soon for that kind of talk, Russ. Pao says she is hurt and that she is unclear what the future may hold for the couple because they are not “in the same page.” When Russ tries to comfort Pao backstage, Pao goes off and tells Russ to “get away from me, I don’t want to see this face.” She even goes as far as saying, “you don’t know how to be my husband.”


For the final segment, Shaun checks in with each couple to see how each relationship is currently doing. Turns out that in about 3 weeks, Azan and Nicole will be tying the knot. Molly’s divorce is still all over the place and SOMEHOW, “Mr. David” is able to get through to Luis via a quick phone call whilst on the couch. Luis picks up to chat with David, but upon realizing he was part of the reunion, Luis states, “Call me, later, I’m busy!” Molly explains that Luis hung up because he is a “p*ssy.” I’d have to agree.

When it comes toDavid and Annie, Annie says that she may be moving back to Thailand…with or without David…”it doesn’t matter.” OUCH. Apparently, Annie has a 90 day countdown and if things don’t get better, she’s going back to her country. Poor girl just wants to be happy. To be honest, I can’t imagine life in the storage facility is peachy.

The cast say their goodbyes and off they go into the NYC night. Except, the couple’s don’t seem to be faring very well after having the season’s antics brought back to the forefront. In the cab, Pao demands that Russ “stop with the f*cking smile in your face.” Pao can’t even handle to look at Russ’s face and tells him that she needs “to be away from him for awhile.” Of course Russ asks, “how is that a solution?” and Pao explains that she just needs to think about things. Instead of apologizing, Russ just says that Pao is “ridiculous.” That’s a great way to make things NOT BETTER, Russ…

When Chantel and Pedro get into the car to head home, Chantel wants to keep discussing the events that unfolded at the reunion, but Pedro sits mum. Back at the hotel, Pedro finally opens up and yells at Chantel for thinking that her family’s perfect. Pedro seems to be heeding his mother’s advice and wants to head back to the DR so he can “think clearly.” Pedro is “tired” and Chantel makes it clear that their “future has a big question mark.”

As for Nicole and Azan…well those two get their own damn special. Because the wedding was postponed before, the couple “claim” to be pumped about the new date to tie the knot…but I’m calling bullsh*t. What a perfect way to end this season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After.