Alexis Bellino and Jim Bellino’s Divorce Settlement Uncovered! Find Out How Much Jim Has to Pay Her Monthly for Spousal and Child Support, Plus His Reaction

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

RHOC Alexis Bellino and Jim Bellino divorce settlement support payments revealed

Alexis Bellino isn’t walking away from her marriage empty-handed.

According to a new report the Real Housewives of Orange County star was awarded a hefty one time payment in the divorce settlement in court this week, as well as monthly payments in spousal and child support from ex-husband Jim Bellino. Find out how much below!

Radar Online shared details of the former couple’s court documents, revealing that on August 27, 2018, Alexis and Jim’s divorce was made final. The outlet also noted the former reality stars will not officially be listed as single until December 23, 2018.

“Upon the signing of the Judgment by both parties,” Jim is required to hand over a one time payment of $250,000 to Alexis, the court documents explained.

He’s also required to begin making a monthly payment of $16,000 to his ex-wife.  $6,000 of that amount is child support for the three children they share, including son James and daughters Mackenna and Milania, and $10,000 for spousal support.

“Petitioner shall pay to Respondent as and for child support the sum of $2,000.00 per month per child for a total of $6,000.00 per month, payable one-half (1/2) on the first and one-half (1/2) on the fifteenth days of each month, commencing August 1,2018,” the court papers read. “ This duty of support continues as to an unmarried child who has attained the age of 18 years, is a full-time high school student, and who is not self-supporting, until the time the child completes the 12th grade or attains the age of 19 years, whichever occurs first.”

“Petitioner shall pay to Respondent, as and for spousal support, the sum of $10,000.00 per month due and payable one-half on the first and one-half on the fifteenth days of each month commencing August 1,2018, and continuing thereafter until the death of either party, or further order of the Court, whichever first occurs,” the papers continued.

In response to the outcome of his divorce battle with Alexis, Jim spoke to Radar and insisted he and his ex-wife are in a good place.

“Everything we do is about the kids. Everybody’s getting along great,” he explained.

According to Jim, he and Alexis had an “amicable relationship” even after he was caught kissing a mystery woman in Las Vegas just after they announced their split.

“We would like to thank the many individuals who have expressed support for us as we worked through one of the most difficult times of our personal lives,” the couple said in a statement. “To those who have shown that they truly care, we are happy to report that we have reached an amicable resolution of our divorce proceedings, which we expect to keep confidential in order to protect our privacy and keep the most sensitive and intimate details of our lives from becoming grist for a malicious ‘rumor mill.’”

The statement continued, “We have been unfairly and viciously targeted by certain individuals in recent weeks, who have severely aggravated the pain we have had to endure through false, defamatory and highly objectionable statements to the media. We look forward to holding those individuals fully accountable through the legal process for the substantial damages that they have caused and continue to cause to our family.”

Jim and Alexis have addressed a lot of questions pertaining to their split, but they have yet to address why Jim originally asked Alexis for spousal support when he first filed for divorce despite being the breadwinner in their relationship. Perhaps it was some kind of a legal tactic.

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