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90 Day Fiance

Are Before the 90 Days’ Paul and Karine Still Together? Find Out Now!

90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days Jesse and Darcey Update

Bringing you the latest spoilers and updates on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days stars Paul Staehle and Karine Martins.

Karine and Paul, who first appeared on season one of the hit TLC series, are currently starring on the second season as they attempt to get married despite having a drama-filled relationship. Which brings us to the all important question – are Paul and Karine still together today? Did they end up trying the knot? Well, we have all of those answers for you below!

Paul, 34, who lives in Louisville, Kentucky, first met Karine, 21, online. Right away, the two clicked despite the fact that Karine lives in Brazil, and they don’t speak the same language. But fret not, as the couple managed to communicate just fine all thanks to a translating app that they both used.

This season, Paul headed back to Brazil with the intention of marrying Karine and coming clean about his criminal past to Karine’s family. Karine’s parents ultimately gave him their blessing, and probably for good reason as we can report that Paul’s probation was terminated early in September 2017 — meaning his legal troubles are now a thing of the past.

So, did Paul and Karine ever tie the knot? That answer is yes! The couple got married in Brazil last November in front of Karine’s family. A photo from their wedding is below, and you can see more photos here.

Paul and Karine’s wedding photo

So, you would think it would be smooth sailing for the couple following their wedding but that wasn’t the case! In fact, they broke up shortly afterwards, after Paul, once again, accused Karine of cheating on him.

In February, Paul lashed out at Karine and accused her of having an affair with an American guy named Joe. That however wasn’t the case as this Joe fella revealed he was openly gay, and that his online friendship with Karine was strictly platonic.

Ultimately, Paul and Karine got back together after Karine threw him a surprise birthday party in April.

And then in June, the couple announced Karine was pregnant with their first child! Paul shared photos of Karine cradling her baby bump, and one of those pics is below.

Before the 90 Days star Karine is pregnant and expecting her first child with Paul

The good news is Paul and Karine are still together, and, in fact, it appears Karine is currently living in the U.S. with Paul!

While the two have yet to confirm that Karine is in America, they have been dropping major hints on social media. One of those hints is this photo Paul posted of Karine with a bag from Whole Foods in July.

While we can’t confirm if Karine is in the US, we do know that the couple is still going strong.

Feel free to check back here for future updates and spoilers on Paul and Karine!

Photos Credit: TLC, Facebook, Instagram



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