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Bethenny Frankel Mocks Carole Radziwill On Social Media! Reveals Dennis Shields Was With Her at the RHONY Reunion

RHONY Reunion Bethenny Frankel vs Carole Radziwill

RHONY Reunion Bethenny Frankel vs Carole Radziwill

The Real Housewives of New York City might have concluded its 10th season on Wednesday night, following a rather nasty three-part reunion, but the bad blood continues off screen when it comes to Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill.

Following the conclusion of the reunion, Bethenny took to social media to mock Carole.

If you recall, Carole bragged about having a “huge hippocampus” during the reunion show, implying that this therefore made her more rational than others.

This prompted Bethenny to take to her Twitter page to share a cartoon image of herself walking a pink hippopotamus with a think bubble over her head that stated, “I have a huge hippopotamus…”

Along with the image, Bethenny asked her followers, “Do you?”

Bethenny’s shady tweet came just minutes after Carole tweeted about the same topic on Twitter.

After a women’s health expert tweeted to Carole, confirming that “a large hippocampus gives you a memory boost and may protect you from dementia later in life,” Carole responded, “Yes I heard. I’m in the 99th percentile…likely to never forget anything…..oh nooo…..”

In other Bethenny news, the Skinnygirl founder is also revealing that she had the support of her late boyfriend, Dennis Shields, when she and the rest of the cast filmed the RHONY reunion special on July 17.

After being seen going head-to-head with her co-stars in the third-installment of the season 10 special, Bethenny took to her Twitter page, where she confirmed to a fan that Dennis was in attendance at the event, which took place just weeks before his untimely passing.

“[Dennis] was with me at the reunion and the years prior. He was a genius who could talk about the show minutiae all day. He was my greatest supporter,” she tweeted, also adding the hash tags “#sweetassugar” and “#toughasnails.”

Dennis was found dead on August 10 at his New York City apartment after suffering an alleged drug overdose. He and Bethenny had been dating on and off for two years.

Photos Credit:  Charles Sykes/Bravo


  1. So a fan sent that to her. Big deal. Carole’s nasty tweets are 20 to 1 to Bethenny’s

    Anyone else wonder why Carole had a brain scan? And when?

    1. I was watching the Mayflower episode when she told Luann, and later said to TH, how nice it would be to have doctors checking you out physically for 28 days & psychiatrists helping you deal with your emotions. I think that encouraged her to have the brain scan. I happened to watch that episode after the reunion finale’. I think maybe she wondered if “being built to deal with emotional stress with rationale” was rational. How funny that she concluded that her way was somehow the correct way. I think she is emotionally unavailable, and being that way allows her to have limited relationships. When a friend is in emotional crisis, that is not when you turn on them.
      When walking onto the reunion stage she gave a high five to three HW stating “I have your back, I have your back, I have your back” What a deplorable thing to do. Being the mere fraction of a woman that she is she needed to bring the rest of the wolf pack and make it her mission to tear Bethenny down. She had blood in her eyes. Does that come from having a huge hippo brain? Maybe. I thought it interesting that she feels unsafe when another person is in emotional crisis, but considers herself to be “very, very sane.” It also strikes me as odd that she found what looked like true friendship with Bethenny, but turned her back on her because of one comment about her “looking sad.” Why does she not realize they are on a Reality Based TV Show? She can state that Bethenny is a narcissist in an offhand and conclusive manner and somehow that’s OK. So, by her standards anything & everything she says is deemed “sane and correct” now that she knows about the huge brain & being in the 99th percentile.

      1. I still think the main rift was because Bethenny thought Carole had broken up with Adam and said some things that Carole didn’t want to hear. Then, she and Adam continue having “coffee”. All the other stuff is smoke and mirrors. When you talk poorly of an ex and the couple get back together, you’re always the bad guy.

    2. Yes, I agree. I was wondering why she had the brain scan as well. I did research that a large hippocampus is a good thing as far as Alzheimer’s Disease. She will never get Alzheimer’s with a large hippocampus!
      I had an MRI of my brain and that was no picnic…. I don’t think people have brain scans for the fun of it. Maybe she suffers from headaches or she was worried about something if perhaps one of her relatives had something that she worried about getting. In my case, it was my sudden deafness and to rule out an acoustic tumor at the time, only to find some plaque in the frontal lobe, which made the MRI very long…as they took more pictures. I am okay. It was something that maybe I was born with…and only the one, thank goodness!
      Maybe Carole quit for a number of reasons, but I don’t blame Bethenny for all of it. I think it is all quite childish and the bullying by adults is enough to make me want to quit all of these shows. It is the worst.
      The bullying here is driving me bonkers as well…not of each other but of the characters. I am not pointing fingers either, but I am on hiatus for the most part now as a result.
      Have a nice weekend.

      1. I’m glad someone finally addressed something that’s been bothering me for a while. Without pointing fingers either, some of the comments here about most of the HWs are pretty vicious. I don’t know why some people watch if they hate everyone so much. Have yourself a great weekend too, RS. I’m off to the cottage next week for a much anticipated down-time. I try to read to keep up, but posting is hard. Plus, I’ll be PWRing the shows and won’t be able to contribute until I see them for myself.

        1. Thanks Unreal. ITA. Enjoy your time at the cottage. Hubby is off next week here, so I will be away (on a stay cay) too.
          Relax and have a great time. ?

          1. Thanks, RS. The weather has finally cooled off. Should be a really nice time. Cooler temps are headed to Jersey.

        2. Thanks from me too. That one video shows what the poster feels about themselves & how much they dislike the people who have to look at it. Like she/he wants to vomit on life. How SAD. It really is a kind of pathetic attempt that shows just how hateful they feel, and what their own heart and soul is made up of. I want to speak of opinion, not nasty, juvenile name calling. But they won’t stop. Next it will be a shot where the camera lens is pointing up from inside their toilet, it contains the same level of disgusting vulgarity. I enjoy reading opinions different from my own too. It can be very enlightening and invigorating to see what I didn’t think of. I always enjoy your commentary, Unreal. ☮️

          1. I thought they were funny and I have an awesome life and am a pretty ok person…. But anyhoo! ?‍♀️

          2. Excuse me, 3 D’s Forever. You’ve made a lot of conjecture about a treasured, clever poster. Your depiction of her motives is completely erroneous. FYI: Your approval of her GIFs is not required. Bashing the Blahvo b*tches is acceptable & fun for some of us. Bashing other commentors is not. Thank you.

          3. Excuse you, Medus. I stated my opinion about being subjected to someone vomiting in my face. Free speech goes for me too, right. I didn’t call the person any names. If that video isn’t a sad commentary of someone’s intent toward everyone here, well, then I don’t know what is. But it’s all good, there is very little conversation here, just bashing. No exchange of opposing opinions, which I enjoy and appreciate.

          4. Oh, puh-leaseeee!!! That GIF was not “in YOUR face”. You can skip past any GIF or post you don’t like. That’s how it works. “How SAD. It really is a pathetic attempt that shows how hateful they feel, and what their own heart and soul is made up of.” Those are very harsh, insulting words to my eye. They certainly aren’t complimentary. By inference, you are saying the person is “hateful to her soul”. News Flash! Not “everyone” shares your pov about the intent of the GIFs. Therefore, you can’t speak for all posters. Most of us don’t bash each other. If we disagree, we disagree. That is not “bashing”. It’s disagreeing.

          5. Of course, FiddleDeeDee. I’ve got your back, gurl.
            The pearl clutching (for these gifs & posts) is an over reaction, imho.

          6. If you think a harmless clip from a movie is a characterization about me, someone you don’t know, never met, it says much more about you than it ever would about me. What is DOES say about me……I have a sense of humour and I don’t take this stuff seriously. You might want to follow suit.

      2. I’m sorry – but how can someone bully someone they have no personal interaction with? The definition of bullying is: use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force them to do something. Perhaps people are critical of some of the characters but they’re not bullying them… ?

        1. VERB

          [WITH OBJECT]
          Seek to harm, intimidate, or coerce (someone perceived as vulnerable)
          ‘her 11- year-old son has been constantly bullied at school’

          (From Oxford)

          It is not always to coerce. I guess you never were bullied or saw someone bullied. It is bullying to constantly rip people with harsh words and criticism. Some who are bullied online have even committed suicide and that was not physical bullying. How can you be so insensitive?
          I end my comment to you. Please don’t respond. I will be ignoring you. Some may say that your criticizing my comment and my opinion with your way is trying to coerce me into thinking what you think, but I won’t be coerced, because I don’t agree.
          I agree to disagree. You go on looking for others to do this to, because frankly, I don’t give a damn.

      3. I am so happy to hear that the deafness wasn’t both ears and that you seem to be better. But then, you take good care of yourself. I really did think she had it done out of curiosity, but if she is ill, that’s a bummer. I had a few MRI’s when I broke my neck, and when I was laying on that metal table the pain was excruciating. They had to get me off the table and reschedule. They put me in twilight sleep for it because my blood pressure had gone up too high. But if it wouldn’t have been for the pain, it wouldn’t have been so bad. And in your case, maybe the fear of not knowing? She did seem OK at reunion being she was speaking of the results without worry.

        1. Hi 3 D’s. ?
          Yes, thank you, I am grateful it was the one ear, though I do fear it may happen to the other one. I was told it is very rare to have sudden sensorineural deafness in both ears, and I do believe it was caused by the acoustic trauma years ago.
          I don’t believe that physicians order needless brain scans. In fact brain scans such as CT expose one to high doses of radiation that would not be a good idea unless indicated for a medical concern and not on a whim. An MRI, with contrast, is a better test without the radiation exposure and, as you know, it is not a quick test and quite uncomfortable. I doubt it was ordered on a whim either way.
          It sounds more like they were looking for something in her brain, specifically to note the hippocampus which is in a very deep region of the base of the brain.
          It sounds like Carole seemed okay and was laughing about her large hippocampus, though none of us know the entire story. Suffice it to say, I hope she is okay. It had to be a scary experience most likely.
          I had MRI of my neck as well at another time after I slipped the discs in my neck….and that was no fun either. I have had several in my life. I am not good with enclosed spaces, but I did my best, thank goodness. My BIL has to have the open MRI, since he won’t tolerate the closed ones, but they don’t have the best pictures as the closed ones do.
          Thanks 3 D’s. I am not the best at taking care of myself…really. I take care of others first, and I am the last one. I know better too.

          I hope you have a nice weekend.

          1. You too, Sandy. I didn’t think of the enclosed place! I did remember the weird pounding noises. I wonder if the newer machines have the noise. But I still didn’t realize that being in the tube would be the unpleasant part. Sorry. I used to have an insane fear of flying. My sister has Vertigo. We traveled together when I was younger. We wouldn’t have become aware of these characteristics in one another had we not decided to vacation together. When we were in Rome at the top of a Cathedral Spiral she wasn’t able to go to the edge and look out over the beautiful city. She plastered herself against the wall. So anyway, I guess many of us have a fear of something.
            I think it’s a Mom thing that we take care of others first. A doctor reminded me that if I didn’t start with myself, I wouldn’t be capable of taking care of them.
            I do have the feeling Carole’s doctors didn’t find any illness. The story would have leaked by now. Geeze, in this day text talk on phones replaces writing and cameras replace honor. I’m sure most people have seen the deterioration of privacy bringing with it photos from right inside labs and doctor’s offices. Do try to take care of yourself, you are important. ?

  2. I haven’t made many, if any, comments about the Dennis/Bethenny/Jill saga,,,,,but this is just my opinion,,,,,
    *Jill and Dennis had a bond no one could break, BUT Jill also has had the same boyfriend for a few years so it’s not like BF and DS tossed her to the curb.
    *Many rich people do not get divorced (esp. when children are involved) because it protects their investments and finances. BF doesn’t need DS’s money.
    *Jill’s own daughter told everyone via telephone at the reunion one year that BF was loved by her family and had not broken up the marriage.
    *I know I may be wrong, but I don’t think BF called the paps to Dennis’ funeral, they showed up with their zoom lenses and made BF the story.
    *And lastly, my 49 yr old brother died from a heart attack because of Oxy addiction from back surgery, so I blame the doctors who know they are contributing to their patients addiction and should be held accountable.
    *That’s all I got.

    1. You make valid points but that doesn’t fit the narrative some people want to spin.

      So sorry about the loss of your brother.

    2. My condolences for the loss of your brother.

      Excellent summary, especially the reminder that his widow had a boyfriend of 2+ years. I’d like to add that Dennis’s children are now adults in their 20s & at least one lives out of state. I think there is a misperception (& not set right by his widow by her references to “protecting” them) that his children are close to Bryn’s age or teenagers & should be off-limits. The death of their father has rocked them & I’m sorry for them. However, they have their own SM & relationships w/the press.

      1. Thank you Knit, I miss him dearly.
        Losing a parent is awful, especially when they are young and it is unexpected. But I looked at Jill Shields instagram page and she has had a great life before, during, and after her marriage to Dennis. May he RIP.

  3. Carole married Anthony knowing he was going to die, when did she think they were going to have kids? I believe she wanted the Radziwill name for life to ensure her Princess title and be part of the Kennedy/Radziwll clan. There is something insincere about Carole.

    1. Hi, MonaLucy ~ Maybe, she loved Anthony and wanted whatever time she could have with him.
      She said that if he had lived, they may have had children. It’s difficult for her to know for certain, since fertility was an unknown.

        1. Hi there, Resting B*tch Face, Toots ~ That sounds about right. He was young & otherwise “healthy”. It wouldn’t be an impossible idea.

          1. Thanks, Medusa! It’s so nice to have a friendly conversation that isn’t characterized as “bullying.” ?

      1. Hey girl! I get what you are saying, BUT from watching Carole on the show and things I have read, I do not trust her. She knew he was terminally ill when she met him, just seems odd to me. But who am I to say?

        1. OK – I hadn’t read anything about Carl. And far be it from me to defend someone I don’t even really like. I was considering another perspective.

          When she first joined the show, it was interesting that she didn’t care about her “princess” title (as Lu embraced her “countess” title). That seemed to suggest that she was down to earth. After that initial introduction, she showed that she was pompous, yet dull. LOL

          1. What I liked about her was that she sized up Lu at 1st sight. I didn’t like that she let herself be ruled by Heather.

          2. Those are the things I didn’t like about Carl. In the beginning, I didn’t see anything untoward on Luann’s part. Lu was trying to be friendly by finding common ground with someone she just met. Carl was intentionally rude & dismissive at the jump. I liked Heather’s strength & “bossiness”. Under neath her brashness she was actually kindly; ex: she worked hard at helping lazy SonJa fulfill her dream of having a toaster oven line. I was annoyed that Carl latched onto Heather & became HER sycophantic sidekick (much as she did when Betheninny rejoined RHONY).

          3. That’s why we have discussions 🙂 I never liked Lu so I thought she was sucking up to Carole as another “royal” & Carole probably had a lot of experience w/fame-by-association seekers so she dismissed her. However it happened, Carole couldn’t seem to be on the show by herself – she had to be attached to Heather, BF, or Tinsley.

          4. There ya go.. I didn’t see Lu that way. I thought she was down to earth, but had “fun” with her title. We can disagree on certain points. The world will still turn.

            I do agree that Carold was missing something – she felt it necessary to cling to another cast mate. She simply didn’t stand out on her own. Given her background, she should have. I think her personal inclinations (to be private or cerebral) conflicted with her desire to be on a reality tv show. She simply wasn’t “good tv” on her own merit.

          5. Carl??? Hahahahahaha The only reason I read stuff about “her” was because I use to read a lot about the Kennedys, before they all died. She was not all she claims to have been as far as John Jr and Caroline’s BFF’s.

            I guess what I keep thinking of is the episodes where she had to go get Anthony’s Urn, maybe it was just me, but she seemed to be more bothered that she had to deal with it. And, Lee Radziwill was not pleased about her being on a reality show or her behavior. Especially when she spoke of how difficult it was her HER as Anthony was dying because he was mean. Many people who are dying are mad and mean, very normal, yet nobody’s business.

            I just don’t like her at all. I think she is an opportunist who needed a job to pay for her ittybitty NYC apt., and will never remarry or she will lose her “Princess” title and the Radziwill last name. She became friends with Bethanny when she called BF for coffee and told her she had a dream about BF, remember??? Downtown Julie Brown???

          6. That’s what I call her.. LOL

            When she “cried” about her “BFFs” death, her tears looked forced. I bet production waved an onion under her nose to get that reaction.

            I don’t think Carold reason for joining the show had to do with money. She inherited plenty of it. Andy stated that when he first met her (at a party) he hired her on the spot, without the required audition tape. She agreed to his version & chuckled how easy it was for her to join the cast.

            I do remember that creepy scene of Carl seducing BF to become a friend. It was incredibly gross, imo. From that point, Carl switched from her allegiance to Heather Thomson to BarfyHag. She was less a friend and more of a sycophantic sidekick.

          7. I didn’t know that about Andrea meeting her at a party etc.,
            She went from Heather, to BF and now to Tinsley.
            I just wish one of Bravo’s HW shows had actual housewives!!!!

          8. You think there aren’t any? I only watch: RHOC, RHONY, & RHBH. BH has “housewives” – Door-eeet, Kryle, LisaV, GRinna, & Erotika (sort of).

      2. ITA. From her memoir What Remains, they discovered a tiny bump that turned out to be cancer on their honeymoon in Hawaii & it was excised. Neither knew his cancer was terminal until later in their marriage. Carole has left the show, her husband has been dead for many years, and she’s in her 50s. Although it was raised on the show, speculation about what might have been should stop w/her departure. It was mean-spirited for BF to raise it.

        1. Oh, I didn’t know that. (I didn’t read her book.) That’s really sad…

          In BF’s “defense” – RHONY is still airing episodes. Therefore, the continuing comments are “fair play”. Carold is also continuing her end of it, too.

          1. I really hoped Carole would just stop commenting on anything abou RHONY once she left. The reunion is over, she’s officially gone, just stop.

        2. Carole told Bethenny they knew he had cancer before the marriage. I guess it’s the difference between being fatal and curable. On the episode where the kitty was taken back to the shelter for shots and was adopted. She had a panic attack because she didn’t get to say goodbye. I totally get that part. My youngest Daughter died in her sleep when she was just 27. Autopsy said “Unknown Cause.” She herself said she sets up relationships to be temporary. That it never gets to the point where she can’t get out, because she never gets in. Bethenny said “You didn’t know Anthony was sick, though.” And Carole answered “Yes, we did” So, now I wonder which is true, the book, or what she said to B? Not that it would change my poor opinion of her, but I want to know why she said two different things? I didn’t see where B mentioned it though.

          1. I’m sorry for the loss of your daughter. A surprising number of us have lost our closest family & I think it changes our perceptions of the cast.

            Having read Carole’s memoir before she came on the show, I was confused by that conversation w/Bethenny. I tend to believe what she wrote rather than the sound bite version on TV – easier to say she knew rather than detail they found the bump on Day #x of their honeymoon, it was curable, & then much later, it turned out to be serious then terminal. According to the book, Anthony himself wouldn’t discuss anything other than “beating it” even in the last weeks of his life & didn’t actually acknowledge he was dying until the day before he did. It’s hard to condense an entire book devoted to how his illness & death shaped her life w/a quick scene on RHONY – especially when it was Bethenny’s FIBROIDS & Dennis that were the real subject of the conversation.

      1. I have a library in my home, come over and see it, it is amazing! Unfortunately I am downsizing it so my family isn’t burdened when I die. My dream was to own my own bookstore, but since I am not going to live long enough to fullfill this I will pass on a lot of it to a very nice woman who is trying to make her new used bookstore a success. Besides her store is sandwiched between a candy store and an antique store, talk about happiness!!!

        1. That sounds awesome!…..my MIL has 1000’s of books…she had made it clear that we are to go through everyone because over the years she has tucked $ in some and never found it.

    1. Thank you! They both suck, they’re both being juvenile— I don’t want to hear about it anymore!

      1. Right! The witch came up with a diet margarita (that taste like sh*t) and now she’s some sort of angel on earth. Nope! Not buying into that. Bethenny is a a**hole.

        1. I’ve been wanting to say for a long time – & since I’ve no plans to watch or comment on Season 11 now seems as good a time as any – what exactly is BF’s business beyond promoting the SG brand? She was a private chef, came up w/a product, & w/the help of advisers AND the platform of RHONY, made exactly ONE business deal w/Beam for a huge sum. Brava. Good job. That’s terrific.

          But, what business does she have other than reviewing licensing agreements for SG? The SG “offices” change locations & staff in every scene and that guy she introduced once as the president or operating officer or something has never been seen again. The scene when she went to the jeans factory w/Sonja was absurd – she said she’d been involved in every detail of the jeans, but FIT grad Sonja knew more than she did. In the press, BF is always characterized as “RHONY Star.”

          She published recipe, diet & relationship books years ago & has flipped 1-2 apartments (like thousands of other flippers in NYC). I think Carole, who has an MBA from NYU, was right – Bethenny’s business now is reality TV whether it’s a spin-off, real estate w/Fredrik, or Shark Tank. The emperor has no clothes.

          IMO, her resume is exactly like Carole’s. She had professional success in the past, has enough money for life, and runs a charitable organization. Her actual job is RHONY and personal appearances to promote SG per her contract w/Beam.

          I dare not say this on another site because I don’t want a zillion replies about BF’s great business acumen. She made one GREAT deal & she didn’t negotiate it alone – she had advisers & lawyers. Beyond that, she’s a TV personality.

          1. I don’t even believe she walked with as much money from the liquor deal as claimed. The booze was been pulled immediately from Whole Foods and she was sued for a very harsh ingredient in it. Her wine was in the bargain sell off area at my Safeway. I see her bars at Grocery Outlet. She sells her spin is all.

          2. Hahahhaha….knitfrenzy, excellent points!!!!

            You remind me that BFrankelstein’s self praise of her long, successful “resume” vs Carold’s is full of questions & flops. Prior to her Blahvo time, BF tried to be an actress & flopped. In 2006, she was a contestant on Martha Stewart Apprentice. She claimed to have been a “natural food chef” (& vegetarian). After she lost that contest, she surfaced on RHONY in 2008, claiming to be an expensive private chef for high end clients of NYC. Yet, we never saw her “at work”. Her biz called; “Bethenny Bakes” flopped. By her own admission, her baked goods were too dense & tasted terrible. On camera, nobody purchased her goods (or tried her free samples). Her SG brand was conceived in S1 & promoted, ad nauseum in every scene. Her spin off (based on her ill-fated marriage) flopped. & Her squawk show flopped. If not for Blahvo taking her on & taking her back, BF would be swirling the bowl.

          3. I was so turned off by her version of herself this season that I gave up. She admitted that RHONY was the platform that gave her everything in the 100th epi special & thanked Andy.

            Her big point in demeaning Carole & Ramona was that their highest achievements were behind them while her fabulous enterprises are still rockin’ the biz world. She sold SG margarita in 2010/11? – that’s 7-8 years ago. What big business deal has SHE pulled off since then? Selling her condo for more than she paid?

          4. Again, you make a very valid point at the hypocrisy of BF.

            I am no raMOANer fan. However, she deserves respect for forming her own company on her own & still maintaining it to this day. BF acts as if she’s the only person who succeeded in business. Yet, I can tell you, she & her brand aren’t as widely known as she portends. Not one of my friends or family watch the housewives franchises. Hence, they’ve never heard of BFrankelstein or her SkinnySwill brand. It’s the main reason I post on sites like this – to dish & vent. LOL

          5. LOL – I wasn’t looking for & had not seen SG products, either. (I live west of Boston). However, one day (a few years ago) while I was waiting to check out at BedBath&Beyond, I noticed a display of “Dollar” items. There were some faded packages of “SkinnyGirl” mixers. That was the only time I saw her crap.

          6. You stated that beautifully. I couldn’t agree more. YounmKe excellent points about the SG offices constantly moving and the turnover. Also the constant throwing a new product at the wall to see if it sticks. None of her products outside of the shitty Margarita have been as remotely successful and if not for the margarita, she would be as successful with her products as someone like Ramona who she shat all over on the reunion.

            Also, I was thinking about this the other day. Bethenny gets all this credit for being the most successful housewife, but what about Kandi? If we pay attention to the net worths online, Kandi is about 10 million dollars richer than bethenny and walked on to RHOA with fame and success. I wonder why people never give her more recognition.

          7. I don’t watch any shows other than RHONY so don’t know about Kandi.

            She kept the SG brand when she sold the liquor portion to Beam & I think ALL of those other products are licensed. I remember her tasting some new brownie/candy/chocolate that had come in to her “office” & she acted like it was the 1st time she’d tasted it. It’s not like there’s a SG commercial kitchen/manufacturing facility making products from her creative recipes. It KILLS her that Ramona made her 1st million before 30 and ran a successful business in the fashion industry for decades.

    2. I thought the Booyah thang was going to be some huge revelation. When it turned out to be about a random dude, I turned away. What a joke. A dude.

  4. How mature, Betheninny!!!! She can’t resist mocking Carl or using Dennis for pity points. Now that they’ve both departed, she no longer has Carl or Dennis to kick around.

    1. It’s ridiculous! The end of the B/C friendship was completely uninteresting & became absurd by reunion time w/battling texts like middle schoolers. According to Carole’s twitter, she said she was going to respond to questions until the reunion aired because she was under contract until then. I hope she’s stopped & has truly moved on.

      As for Bethenny, this tidbit about Dennis being at the reunions just seems weird. I said on another thread that BF seems rather desperate in her grief by reaching out to twitter followers for answers on what is “normal” grief & how to get through it. I think she’s genuine because one question in particular would only occur to someone who has lost a Significant Other. She apparently doesn’t have any friends to help & from personal experience, grief counselors & therapists aren’t that helpful for women BF’s age. When chastised by a tweet, Carole responded that BF knew she’d be there for her if she hadn’t sacrificed their friendship for a reality TV show. Sounds like that was a true friendship & it’s really over.

      IMO, neither Bethenny nor Lu should be filming a reality show right now – they’re both messes.

      1. knitfrenzy, I completely agree with your entire post. The trajectory of the dissolution of the friendship began, continued & ended with BF’s shots fired at Carl. It was never much of anything important. Who ends a “solid friendship” over: “Something feels different.” As I wrote previously, the ironic aspect to BF getting bent out of shape that Carl sent the neutral text: “That’s a lot.” is reminiscent of Jill getting pissed off & hurt in S3 when BF “became different toward her” by sending a text, “Get a hobby.” Apparently, these women don’t know how to pick up a phone & have a real conversation to clear the air when something bothers them. LOL

      1. Is this supposed to be her next “crusade”? She could have ridden Dennis’ demise longer. As I understand it, he was prescribed opiods in 2015 for back pain. For him to keep taking them for 3 years, unabated, would be a major problem for him – and anyone who was close to him. How did his doctor not try to wean him off of them years ago?

  5. This is typical stupid stuff from stupid people. The man was still married at his death. Also, all these hypocritical people running around doing drugs and some even blaming opioids.

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