Ryan Edwards’ Wife Mackenzie Slams Teen Mom OG as ‘Lame, Fake, Boring and Scripted’ Months After Being Fired

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Mackenzie Standifer Slams Teen Mom OG for being Fake

Mackenzie Standifer lashed out against MTV in the comments section of one of her Instagram posts.

Months after confirming she and husband Ryan Edwards had been fired from their full-time roles on Teen Mom OG, Mackenzie made a number of shocking allegations against the hit series, including claims of the show being “scripted.”

“[Teen Mom OG] is a lame, fake, boring and scripted tv show that uses people’s life issues as a way to gather ratings and money,” Mackenzie said of the series on which she gained reality fame.

Although a number of her critics flooded her with claims suggesting Ryan has been lying about his drug use and numerous arrests, Mackenzie wasn’t having their allegations and suggested viewers had been misled by MTV.

“You realize you’re gathering every ounce of this from an hour long TV show. You know that our lives last longer than 1 hour, correct?” she asked a curious fan.

She then responded to another fan who wanted to know why she willingly took part in several seasons of the show if it was “fake,” as she claims.

“At the time I went into things blindly and unknowingly and I am very sad at the outcome,” she explained, adding, “it was definitely a learning curve.”

Ryan and Mackenzie confirmed they would not be seen on the eighth season of Teen Mom OG in July with a statement to E! News.

“We’re not returning to Teen Mom this season. The network told us they don’t want to show Ryan as a recovering addict,” Mackenzie claimed. “But they did want to enter a contract with our unborn baby and have the baby film with Ryan’s parents so it would look like someone else is raising it.”

“They didn’t want to see another recovering addict storyline. So they’re writing us out of the show right now and making it seem like we dipped out on our baby, on Bentley and on everyone. And that’s just not the case,” she continued.

“They also want to take [Maci Bookout]’s word on how I’m doing,” Ryan added. “Maci’s said she’s not going to film unless I enter rehab again and quit the show. But I’m sober.”

Ryan also addressed his Teen Mom OG exit with the Instagram post seen below.

Since being fired, Mackenzie has spoken out against MTV on numerous occasions and recently shared a photo of a filming scene featuring Ryan’s parents and his son, Bentley, on Instagram.

“’Family Time’ set up by MTV FAKKKKKKKKEEEEE,” she wrote in the photo’s caption.

Teen Mom OG returns to MTV for season eight on October 1 at 9 p.m.

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