President Trump Turned Down Teresa Giudice’s Request for Help Before Husband Joe’s Deportation, Plus How Is She Taking the News & Is She Planning to Move to Italy?

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President Trump Refused to help RHONJ Teresa's husband Joe Giudice Avoid Deportation

Teresa Giudice reached out to President Trump, who she worked with on The Celebrity Apprentice, before her husband Joe Giudice was deported.

According to a new report, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star attempted to prevent Joe’s deportation from happening back in 2016 by requesting the President write a letter on his behalf.

“Teresa reached out to Trump several months before Joe started serving his 41-month sentence, and asked Donald to write a character letter. This was before he was elected President, but she hoped the letter would help Joe get a lighter sentence,” TMZ told readers on October 10.

During their time together on The Celebrity Apprentice, Teresa and President Trump got along well and because of that, she was confident he would help her out. Unfortunately, after making her request, she was informed by his office that he would not be able to do anything to help prevent Joe’s deportation.

While Joe is now set to be deported from the United States after his 41-month prison sentence is complete, TMZ said President Trump could ultimately chose to pardon the father of four.

Joe was sentenced to prison in October 2014 after being charged with bank and wire fraud and began his sentence in 2016. As fans may recall, Teresa was also sentenced to prison at the same time and served an 11-month sentence in 2015.

Following news of Joe’s deportation, Teresa is said to be “devastated.” However, according to an Entertainment Tonight report, she may not be willing to leave the U.S. and join her husband in his native country of Italy with their four daughters, 17-year-old Gia, 14-year-old Gabriella, 13-year-old Milania and 9-year-old Audriana.

“The deportation has always been a thing in the back of the family’s mind, but now it’s a harsh reality,” the source said. “As much as Teresa said she would live in Italy with Joe in the past, that most likely won’t happen as her father is in the States, and so is her family and friends. If Joe doesn’t win the appeal, his relationship with Teresa is in question.”

“This news was a huge blow to Teresa and Joe,” a second source revealed. “They had spoken with their lawyers several times about the possibility of Joe being deported, but they didn’t truly believe that this day would ever come. For the most part, Teresa and Joe have been able to withstand the storm, but this time it looks as if they can’t get out of this.”

“Teresa and Joe both felt they could do their time and then be free to continue their lives, but this is a game changer for them,” the insider continued. “Their lives will never be the same. Teresa’s closest friends often wondered how Teresa and Joe lived so well even after their trouble. Nothing seemed to make sense, they didn’t alter their lifestyle at all. This news was a shock to Teresa mostly because she could never face this as an option in their lives.”

According to a third report shared by TMZ, Teresa simply has no plans to uproot her and Joe’s kids from their lives in New Jersey and relocate them to Italy, where they have no friends and no memories. As the outlet explained, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star doesn’t want to put her children through a culture shock and change their lives so dramatically at this point in time.

The report also revealed Teresa and the kids haven’t visited Joe in prison for “a while.”

Although Teresa’s lawyer recently said she is “never” divorcing Joe, there have been tons of rumors claiming otherwise and during an appearance at one of LuAnn de Lesseps‘ cabaret shows, Teresa actually questioned her about what it is like going through a public divorce.

Joe has 30 days to appeal his deportation.

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