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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Are RHOBH Producers Trying to Force Lisa Vanderpump Out? New Reports Deny Lisa Has Quit the Show

Are RHOBH Producers Trying to Force Lisa Vanderpump Out

Hours after two separate media outlets reported Lisa Vanderpump was exiting the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, new reports are denying she has quit the Bravo series.

Earlier today, Radar Online reported Lisa had quit the RHOBH. Around the same time, E! News reported similarly, but instead they stated Lisa was “leaving” rather than she quit. In our earlier story, we noted the disparity in the two reports. Using the word ‘leaving’ instead of ‘quitting,’ while appearing insignificant is actually quite the opposite. See, one implies Lisa’s leaving on her own accord while the other hints at production pushing her out.

The Radar story credited a “show insider” while E! cited a “production source” for their report.

And now, PEOPLE magazine just put out a story denying Lisa, 58, has quit the Bravo show.

“She’s filmed this season and she will likely continue to film more,” a source tells PEOPLE.

TMZ also put out a similar story, stating Lisa hasn’t quit the RHOBH yet and has no plans to quit… for the time being. Instead, she is focusing on helping with relief efforts related to the current California wildfires.

“She doesn’t give a s**t about casting for Season 9,” a source tells TMZ.

As for Lisa, she hasn’t denied or confirmed the ‘quitting’ reports, at least not on the record, instead sharing a cryptic message on Twitter earlier today. “Let’s just focus on the important things right now,” wrote Lisa.

So, what gives? Well, if Lisa didn’t quit and production sources put out a story saying she was leaving the show, it would appear they are either firing her or trying to force her out. Another option is they are trying to pressure her into filming with her castmates or risk losing her job.

As it’s been widely reported, Lisa has been refusing to film with her co-stars after she was accused by some of them of leaking a negative story about Dorit Kemsley to the press.

That story about Dorit reportedly giving a rescue dog she got from Vanderpump Dogs to a friend, who then returned it to a different animal shelter (an apparent no-no) originated on Radar Online back in September. Since then, Radar’s editor made the extra-ordinary move of putting out a denial that Lisa was their source.

It however appears the damage was already done as Lisa has since refused to film with the castmates who accused her of being the source for that story. Allegedly, Lisa’s close friend Kyle Richards was one of those making those accusations.

To sum up what we have thus far, Radar put out a story today saying Lisa had quit the RHOBH, citing a ‘show insider’ as their source. And then moments later, PEOPLE and TMZ put up a denial. This would be a good time to regurgitate this editor’s note from a story we did last month about the RHOBH feud regarding who leaked the Dorit story to the press.

 “I must say it is highly unlikely that Lisa was the source of the Radar article. When someone of Lisa’s caliber wants to leak a story, they tend to go with more mainstream outlets such as TMZ or PEOPLE. My original suspicion was that the Radar article was possibly leaked by a production source to stir up drama during filming.”

For the time being, fans of the RHOBH will have to wait until early next year to see how this drama plays out on the new season.

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