Southern Charm’s Ashley Jacobs Reveals Relationship Status with Thomas Ravenel After He Disses Her, Plus Thomas’s Former Nanny Prepares to Sue Him and Bravo

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Southern Charm Ashley Jacobs and Thomas Ravenel Update

Former Southern Charm star Ashley Jacobs is revealing her relationship status with Thomas Ravenel.

After Thomas took aim at Ashley in a now-deleted Instagram post of his own this week, after catching her bad-mouthing his ex-girlfriend, Kathryn Dennis, Ashley told her fans and followers she and Thomas are no longer together.

“Why is Thomas all of [the] sudden turning on you?” a fan asked. “He filled your head with so much hate but yet now he’s saying it’s all you. I would get as far as you can from that man…he has proven time and time again that he is a narcissist and disgusting human being.”

“Thomas and I aren’t together,” Ashley replied on November 15. “I wish him the best though.”

Ashley Jacobs reveals break up with Thomas Ravenel

Ashley’s post comes days after Thomas slammed her on Instagram and told her to seek help.

“Ashley Jacobd [sic] has been bad mouthing the mother of my children. I totally disavow this horrendous behavior and will have nothing to do with her.” wrote Thomas on November 11. “I begged her over and over to no avail. So hateful. Hope she gets help.”

Thomas Ravenel Slams Ashley Jacobs for insulting Kathryn Dennis

In other Thomas Ravenel news, the former reality star will reportedly soon be faced with a civil lawsuit from his former nanny Dawn, who is allegedly including Bravo TV and a number of other defendants connected to Southern Charm in the case.

Fit News was first to reveal Dawn’s apparent plan to sue and did so on November 15.

According to the report, the details surrounding the allegedly impending case are unclear but sources claimed the lawsuit would be filed “within the month.”

As fans may know, Dawn claimed she was sexually assaulted by Thomas in 2015 earlier this year and in September, he was arrested on charges of second degree assault and battery in connection to her allegations against him. Dawn worked for Thomas for several years and was seen on the first couple of seasons of Southern Charm.

Later this week, Thomas is expected to appear in court in Charleston to address the pending charges against him. Earlier this month, it was ordered that his case would go to trial.

“This is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, and I don’t even know if he will be charged, but I need to let others know they aren’t alone,” Dawn told Fit News after filing charges against Thomas.

In an affidavit issued with Thomas’ arrest warrant in September, the nanny claimed he “grabbed (Dawn)’s hand and placed it on his penis before attempting to remove the (her) clothing.”

“While (Ravenel attempted) to remove (Dawn)’s clothing, (her) underwire bra cut into her skin and her shirt wrapped around her neck, which caused (her) to struggle to breathe,” the affidavit continued.

When Thomas addressed Dawn’s claims against him in April, he insisted he has “never assaulted a woman in my life.”

In addition to the case being prepared by Dawn, Thomas is also said to be involved in a civil dispute with Luzanne Otte, who he reportedly dated briefly last year.

Finally, also on Instagram this week, Ashley reacted to a fan’s question about why she will not be featured on the upcoming sixth season of Southern Charm.

“I was not asked to be a ‘cast member.’ I was asked to go back and film,” Ashley explained. “Specifically with Eliza Limehouse. Kathryn is not friends with Eliza. I had a bad feeling about it. So I chose not to do it. I also didn’t think they were compensating me enough to film.”

Ashley Jacobs on why she quit Southern Charm

Southern Charm season six will air on Bravo TV in 2019.