Kelly Dodd Says She’ll Quit the RHOC If Vicki Gunvalson Returns Due to Drug Claims, Explains Why She Can’t Sue Vicki and How She Saved Her Job

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Kelly Dodd Says She'll Quit the RHOC If Vicki Gunvalson Returns

Kelly Dodd may be done with The Real Housewives of Orange County for good.

Days after a controversial sneak peek at the show’s upcoming reunion special featured her co-star, Vicki Gunvalson, making allegations of cocaine use against her amid their feud, Kelly told fans on Instagram that she will not be returning to the show’s 14th season if Vicki is included.

“I can’t go back if that liar can just say sh*t without consequences. The money isn’t worth it to me!” Kelly explained November 20 on Instagram. “My daughter means more to me than this show and she is trying to ruin my reputation.. just out of principle I won’t go back! They can pick the OG I’m out!!”

According to Kelly, what Vicki said about her is character assassination because she does not do cocaine. Kelly also suggested to her followers that Bravo and Evolution, the production company behind The Real Housewives of Orange County, should have never let Vicki get away with saying such a thing on film.

Kelly Dodd wont return to RHOC if Vicki Gunvalson does

Although a fan suggested Kelly sue Vicki and “teach her a lesson with her BIG MOUTH,” the reality star said she was not able to do such a thing due to the contract she signed with Bravo TV.

“I don’t do drugs .. but I would sue her. We sign contracts that we can’t sue each other .. it’s ok if she’s on next year I won’t be on,” Kelly said.

RHOC Kelly Dodd on why she can't sue Vicki Gunvalson

Also on Instagram, a follower of Kelly’s pointed out that Vicki recently claimed the two of them enjoyed a friendly dinner with one another after filming the reunion special at the end of last month.

“Was all the fighting fake? Seems that way,” the fan stated.

“If it wasn’t for me she would’ve been out,” Kelly replied, explaining to the fan that she saved Vicki’s job.

“Tamra and Shannon didn’t want to film with her .. I shouldn’t [have] had her back, she would be gone. That lady has no loyalty,” she added, referencing last season when Vicky was deeply embroiled in a feud with castmates Tamra and Shannon.

Kelly Dodd on saving Vicki's RHOC job

Earlier this month during an appearance on The Talk, Kelly was asked who she’d like to see get fired from the RHOC and quickly revealed it was Vicki who had reached her “expiration date” with the series.

“Vicki, I mean, she’s kind of like spoiled milk. Her expiration date is old,” Kelly told the hosts. “She’s turning into like a cheese… like a blue cheese that stinks.”

As for who she’d like to replace Vicki, Kelly said she’d love to see Heather Dubrow return.

“I would think Heather Dubrow because I can’t stand her,” Kelly explained. “I see her every morning at Orange Theory, and we don’t talk, we don’t speak, not even one pleasantry… I think it would be great for her to come back just because… drama.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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