The ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Cast Reveals Behind the Scenes Secrets! Talk Dealing With Backlash and If They Really ‘Work’ at SUR

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Vanderpump Rules cast interview vogue

The Vanderpump Rules cast has just reached a major milestone.

Weeks ahead of the series’ upcoming Dec. 3 season seven premiere, the men and women of the hit Bravo TV reality show have been featured in the iconic Vogue magazine.

Vogue shared details of their extensive, 48-hour interview with the cast, which began at Jax Taylor (real name Jason Cauchi) and Brittany Cartwright‘s apartment in West Hollywood and concluded at SUR Restaurant, where the group was filming the opening titles of season seven.

“I never wanted to be on TV. I never wanted to be an actor or an actress,” Brittany told the magazine.

As for her thoughts on the show, Brittany said that before joining the series, she had heard of what Vanderpump Rules was about and wondered “why in the world would I ever want to go watch that?”

Jax and Brittany met one another in Las Vegas years ago and months later, Brittany moved from her home in Kentucky to Los Angeles to be with him. Years later, the couple is engaged and planning for a summer 2019 wedding in her hometown.

In his own conversation with Vogue, Jax teased an upcoming project but didn’t reveal what it was.

“[I] didn’t move to California to work at a restaurant,” he explained, although admitting he still bartends at SUR.

Over the past few seasons, Jax and Brittany have shared the ins and outs and ups and downs of their relationship and because they’ve been so candid, fans of the series have been quite opinionated about their romance on social media.

“That’s the worst part of what we do,” Brittany said of the online criticism and backlash.

“I’m an a**hole,” Jax added of why he gets hate from trolls.

Although Jax and Brittany aren’t always fans of what their candidness on Vanderpump Rules leads to on Instagram and Twitter, other cast members have appreciated the feedback they’ve gotten from viewers.

“It’s like going to therapy 24/7,” Stassi Schroeder explained.

“I feel like our friendships and relationships are so solid because of the things, the traumatic things, that happen on the show. Because we’re forced to talk about it more and talk and from every angle and defend yourself and be accountable,” Katie Maloney added.

As fans well know, Katie garnered the nickname “Tequila Katie” years ago and for several seasons, she was hassled about her drinking habits on the show. That said, the wife of Tom Schwartz insists she is no alcoholic.

“Being called a drunk for two years was not very fun, because I’m not a drunk,” said Katie, who has exchanged DMs on Instagram with Vanderpump Rules super-fan Rihanna. “I always say I’m not doing this show for my health.”

Tom Sandoval also spoke up about the trolls he frequently faces online, saying that “new mothers and the overly religious” are the worst of the bunch.

“They call me a f*g in denial,” he shared.

Prior to the start of Vanderpump Rules, the majority of the cast was working full-time at SUR Restaurant, either waiting tables, hosting, or serving drinks at the bar. Now, due to the notoriety of the series, the cast is only able to moonlight at the venue and it’s neighbor down the street, Pump Lounge, and all they do now is essentially ‘greet fans and run a few drinks.’

“It’s mostly like hosting,” Brittany admitted.

The Toms are however luckier than their counterparts as they are now minority owners, owning a 5 percent stake, in Lisa’s new restaurant TomTom.

While it may be getting difficult for the cast to actually work at SUR Restaurant, Stassi said there’s no end in sight when it comes to the future of their show.

“I feel like the show could go on for like 15 more years, like the way that the Kardashians do,” she said. “The Kardashians are because they’re a family. We are a family, but we chose our family. We’re still doing the same sh*t. That’s the only reason the Kardashians keep going, because they have to.”

“I’ll probably be doing it longer than them, ’cause they’re getting old as f**k,” James Kennedy, the self-proclaimed “baby boy” of the show, noted of the upcoming seasons. “So when Jax is 45, that’s not cute anymore. I’ll be 31, which is younger than Tom is right now. And he’s killing the game. I could be like the Jax of the new generation.”

Scheana Marie also took part in the interview with new beau Adam Spott at her side.

“We’ve been on dates,” Scheana, who revealed she’s freezing her eggs this year, confirmed.

Scheana, 33, who originally moved to L.A. to become an actress decided to try her luck at reality TV following a few cameos on MTV’s The Hills back in the day. “I’m like, ‘Why am I not on this show? I should be on this show,’ ” said Scheana, also adding that she would like to appear on the upcoming Hills reboot.

In addition to Scheana, Stassi also has previous experience in participating on reality shows, having appeared on The Amazing Race in 2005; and then on a show called Queen Bees, in 2008 at age 19, in which bossy, self-obsessed girls were expected to turn their behavior around for a chance at winning $25,000.

According to Jeremiah Smith, the show’s co-executive producer, the concept of Vanderpump Rules is happening 24/7, 365 days a year whether cameras are rolling or not.

Lisa Vanderpump, who owns SUR Restaurant (an acronym for  “Sexy Unique Restaurant”) and developed the concept, agreed.  “This is actually a show you could film 12 months a year,” she said. Lisa also describes the successful series as “Friends on steroids.”

Vanderpump Rules season seven premieres on Monday, December 3 at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

Photos Credit: Vogue, Instagram