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Real Housewives of Orange County

RHOC’s Emily Simpson Talks First Marriage and Not Being Able to Find Her Ex-Husband, Plus Does Shane Regret Doing Reality TV? And Reunion Live Viewing Chat!

RHOC Emily Simpson talks Ex-Husband and Shane Simpson

Emily Simpson opened up about her first husband during a recent interview.

As her current husband, Shane Simpson, remains a hot topic on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Emily admitted to being married once before and confirmed she wed her ex-husband at the age of 26.

“I was actually married before I married Shane,” Emily confirmed during an interview with The Daily Dish podcast. “It was a brief [marriage]; it was five years but he was in the military so I didn’t see him very often at all. We didn’t have kids… we didn’t even have assets together. I was in law school; he was far away, I think he was in Afghanistan, and things like that.”

“When I graduated from law school is when we finally just parted ways. It was amicable,” she continued.

Following their split, Emily conducted their divorce settlement herself. Luckily, because she and her first husband were married for such a short period of time, it wasn’t complicated.

“I did the divorce myself; I did a summary dissolution which was really easy,” she said. “I forget about it. I’m like, oh, yeah, I was married before.”

Years later, Emily says she is no longer in touch with her ex, and has no idea where he is.

“I have never been able to find him,” she shared. “When he and I divorced, he was pretty high-ranking in the Marines and so that was a long time ago. So I have a feeling that he’s probably still in the Marine Corps, but he’s probably really, really high-ranking, so he probably has some crazy security clearance, because I can’t find him. I tried to Google him… I just wonder, did he get married? Does he have kids?”

Although his career is quite dangerous, Emily said she doesn’t believe her ex is deceased.

“If he was killed in action or something, I feel like there would have be an article when I Googled him, something like that would have come up,” she explained.

As for husband Shane, who made headlines after feuding with both Gina Kirschenheiter and Kelly Dodd during the 13th season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Emily said she was surprised to see her husband’s storyline take off in the way in did.

“I was most surprised by how so many episodes revolved around my husband. I really thought he would just be in the background the whole season,” Emily said on Watch What Happens Live last week.

Looking back, Emily said she’s sure Shane has some regrets about the happenings of the recent episodes but at the end of the day, he just wants to see her do well on the show.

“That’s probably what the misconception is about Shane is he is very supportive of me, I just think people don’t necessarily see it in like a small little clip of him, because he doesn’t necessarily like filming,” she explained. “He tries to stay in the background and it doesn’t work.”

“I don’t know if he has any regrets about anything he did or said,” she continued. “I don’t think so… I think he knows that it was something I wanted to do and something I felt was important, just because I wanted to share my life and the things I’ve been through, because I feel like I have such a wealth of different things that I’ve gone through that women can relate to. So I think he was supportive of that.”

While Shane will remain supportive of his wife’s future role on the show if she is brought back for a 14th season, Emily said fans may not see Shane rejoin her and her co-stars on camera.

“I don’t know if you’ll ever see him on camera again,” she claimed.

And finally, this thread is also for tonight’s RHOC reunion live viewing chat!

Feel free to comment below as the Real Housewives of Orange County three-part reunion begins airing at 9/8c on Bravo.

Photos Credit: Startraksphoto, Facebook


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