Vanderpump Rules’ Jax Taylor Lashes Out at Raquel Leviss! Calls Her “Dumb” But Misspells Tweet, Plus He Slams James Kennedy & Explains How He’s Different from Him

by Lindsay Cronin

Vanderpump Rules' Jax Taylor Lashes Out at Raquel Leviss and James Kennedy

Jax Taylor took aim at James Kennedy‘s girlfriend, Raquel Leviss on Twitter after the model went public with her A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder) diagnosis.

After Jax, 39, said there were just a “couple of marbles” rolling around in Raquel’s brain following Sunday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, he responded to a fan who criticized him for lashing out at someone who suffers from a “learning disability and ADD.”

“The smartest people in the world have A.D.D. and she self diagnosed, so now I think she is dumber then she was before. You follow me sweet heart. Remember that,” he told the Twitter user, with a number of typos, including the misspelling of “then,” which should have been “than.” 

Jax Taylor slams Raquel Leviss as dumb

Over the past several episodes of Vanderpump Rules season seven, James, 26, has been facing rumors of potential infidelity but throughout those reports, Raquel, 24, has made it clear that she is not convinced her boyfriend ever cheated on her.

Although Jax has also faced rumors of cheating, many of which turned out to be true, he told fans there is one major difference between himself and James.

“Only difference is I hated my self for what I did and wanted to be honest an