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Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis Requests Custody Documents be Sealed as Thomas Ravenel Battles Uber Over Her Ride Sharing Records

Southern Charm's Thomas Ravenel Battles Uber to Get Kathryn's Records as She Requests Custody Case Sealed

Kathryn Dennis has filed court documents in hopes of having her ongoing custody battle with Thomas Ravenel removed from the headlines.

According to a new report, the Southern Charm cast member wants her custody records to be sealed from the public as her former boyfriend Thomas attempts to obtain her ride sharing records from Uber.

On February 13, The Blast shared details of Kathryn’s court documents, revealing that the mother of two believes Thomas has continued to make ill statements about her on social media and “secretly released to the media (either by himself or through his agents) a video recorded by his private detective of surveillance showing that she scraped a neighbor’s vehicle while backing out of her parking space in an effort to disparage the Plaintiff.”

Although Kathryn has a restraining order in place against Thomas, she believes more restrictions are needed as they continue to battle over which parent is more fit to care for their two kids, four-year-old Kensington and three-year-old Saint Julien, and argued that it is in the children’s best interest to have their custody documents sealed.

Kathryn hopes to restrict “detailed deposition testimony and/or other testimony that negatively portrays the Defendant’s parenting abilities from being made public. Similarly, she does not want any negative allegations made against her being posted all over the news.”

Kathryn also wondered if Thomas would “really want the entire 4 hours deposition transcript of the parties former Nanny with numerous detailed negative statements about the Defendant’s conduct and character to be part of the public record?”

Kathryn wants her custody battle with Thomas sealed and for her attorney fees to be paid.

In November, one month after Kathryn requested full custody of Kensington and Saint Julien, Thomas filed a lawsuit against Bravo TV and the producers of Southern Charm in which he demanded they are banned from airing unseen footage of his kids talking about his custody drama with Kathryn on future episodes of the show. Also in the lawsuit, Thomas accused producers of encouraging Kathryn to file for custody for the sake of ratings on their series.

Kathryn lost custody of the children in 2016 but after completing a stint in rehab and maintaining her sobriety in the years that followed, she was awarded joint custody in 2018.

Although Kathryn insists she’s sober, Thomas has made allegations of drug use against her amid their custody battle and even suggested his ex-girlfriend was obtaining drugs from her Southern Charm producers. In response, Kathryn accused Thomas of using drugs and slammed him for reportedly violating their restraining order by having her followed by a private investigator.

As Thomas prepares for his upcoming sexual assault trial, a Daily Mail report has revealed the former reality star, who was removed from his role on Southern Charm last year after being arrested on charges of assault, is currently feuding with Uber over Kathryn’s records.

According to the report, Thomas filed a subpoena against Uber in hopes of obtaining ride sharing information from the company in regard to Kathryn’s use of the service from June 2017 until now. However, Uber is refusing to do so and Thomas wants the company to explain why he is unable to get the records during a court hearing.

The outlet said Thomas was requesting records from Kathryn’s accounts and/or two phone numbers he had listed with the company over the past couple of years in hopes of proving she’s exhibited neglectful behavior.

In response to the request, Uber wrote a letter back to Thomas, explaining his subpoena was “overbroad” and “burdensome” and confirming they would not turn over Kathryn’s records unless she requests them herself.

A judge has not yet made a decision on whether or not a hearing should be set up between Thomas and Uber.

Photos Credit: Bravo TV


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