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RHONJ Star Dolores Catania Slams Ramona Singer and Reveals Why She’s Her Least Favorite Housewife!

RHONJ's Dolores Catania Slams RHONY Star Ramona Singer For Being 'Mean' And 'Rude,'

RHONJ's Dolores Catania Slams RHONY Star Ramona Singer For Being 'Mean' And 'Rude,'

Dolores Catania isn’t impressed by her fellow Real Housewives star, Ramona Singer.

During a new interview, the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member took aim at her New York counterpart by labeling her as “mean” and “rude” before offering an update on her co-star, Teresa Giudice, whose husband is awaiting deportation.

“Ramona [Singer],” Dolores told Life & Style on April 3 when asked which cast member of the franchise she did not like after meeting them.

“Ramona’s mean to people. She’s rude. She acts like she doesn’t know anyone, even if she knows them,” Dolores explained of the Real Housewives of New York City star.

“Listen, I meet a lot of people. I don’t always remember who I’ve met when they come up to me. If someone asks me to take a picture, you f**king take a picture because this is your f**king job and without those people, you don’t have a job, Ramona. You’re nobody, a nothing,” she continued.

Speaking of Teresa, whose husband Joe Giudice is currently in custody at an immigration detention center in Pennsylvania, Dolores said that while she hasn’t been in close contact with Teresa due to their busy schedules, the mother of four is doing “amazing.”

“She’s a very strong woman,” Dolores gushed.

That said, Teresa is going through an extremely difficult time as she attempts to maintain stability in her children’s lives as their dad prepares to be sent back to his native Italy.

“I never count out the fact that she is still human and at the end of the day, when it’s just her and herself, the dust has settled, the kids are sleeping and the workload has been done, I’m sure Teresa has some hard times,” Dolores added.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 10 is currently in production and expected to air on Bravo TV later this year.

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  1. So Teresa is doing “amazing” but she hasn’t been in close contact with Teresa due to their busy schedules. SMH. Funny I know how my “friends” are doing when I haven’t been talking to them either….Whaaat?!

    1. Well and doesn’t ‘in production’ mean they are filming? Didn’t they just film Melissa’s big birthday bash? She can’t find the time to ask her? Hmm. . . . .

  2. Delores’ take on Ramona is spot on, IMO. Ramona treats people two ways: Like they’re so far above her that she toadies up to them, or way beneath her contempt.

  3. Delores is not the first HW to say this about Ramona. I recall Brandi Glanville (not that I put much store in her words) saying that she was asked to meet Ramona for dinner when she was in town and Ramona was so rude to the wait staff.

  4. This is only part of what Delores said. She was mad that Ramona refused to take a photo with Frank Catonia after WWHL when Andy had a dating game segment. Ramona doesn’t want gossip spreading they are an item.

  5. While I have never really cared for Teresa and Joe, I do believe Teresa, when all is said and done, really wants what is best for her kids. Her life has done a total 180 since RHof NJ started filming and became the show it is today. Yes, she became a “fame wh**e” but if you stop to think about it, look at what she has accomplished, the best-selling cookbooks, raising her girls (even when Joe was home, I question how much he was really involved in the day-to-day care of raising the kids – I don’t think much) , taking care of her parents. I wonder how any one of us would react to being plucked up out of obscurity and becoming a household name, not to mention the money and resulting lifestyle changes that goes along with it. While Joe was dead wrong in doing what he did, he did his time and I think being deported is not fair to him and, more importantly, to his daughters. I believe at the end of the day, when the cameras are gone, the kids are in bed and it’s just Teresa, rattling around in her big house (which she wanted very badly, no matter the cost–and I’m not speaking of a financial cost) all alone, Teresa is one sad, lonely and sad lady.

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