Lala Kent Says James Kennedy ‘Self-Destructed’ at Vanderpump Rules Reunion, Reveals What Made Her Upset About This Season

by Lindsay Cronin

Lala Kent Reveals What Upset Her About Vanderpump Rules Season 7 And Dishes On The 'Insane' Reunion

Lala Kent is opening up about the seventh season of Vanderpump Rules and the recent reunion taping.

Weeks after filming the special with her co-stars, the actress dished on what she didn’t like about the latest season before teasing the “insane” reunion and offering an update on her strained relationship with former friend James Kennedy.

“Honestly I felt like the only thing I was really upset about was certain things that were cut out,” Lala told Us Weekly of season seven on April 16. “You know my thing with Billie and Raquel and James the day that I, you know, very much went insane, there were pieces that I remember about that day that didn’t quite make it to the cutting room floor, which is fine because we filmed the reunion and I walked away from that feeling so much more peaceful.”

Although Lala denied reports of a reunion fight involving Billie Lee days ago, she told the magazine the taping was “insane” and revealed host Andy Cohen nearly had to “break up a fight” between co-stars who she did not name.

“I stayed in my seat the whole time,” Lala confirmed. “I was very proud of myself for that. It was mostly just this little triangle of James and Kristen and Jax and you’ll be very shocked.”

According to Lala, James dug himself into a hole at the reunion and completely demolished any good edit he may have gotten during the season.

“It was fabulous to watch. I call him the Energizer bunny. He’ll just self-destruct on his own… just wind him up,” she said.

While Lala and James did reconcile briefly during season seven, their relationship is no more and when it comes to the rest of the cast, Lala said they’ve been icing him out because he’s refused to change his behavior.

“After the reunion, I realized it’s long gone,” Lala said of her current relationship with James. “I’m so far past it. He doesn’t fit in my life in any way, which is fine.”

Vanderpump Rules season seven airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV

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