Judge Rules RHOBH Star Dorit Kemsley’s Husband PK Must Reveal Finances in Court Regarding Debt

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Judge Rules RHOBH Star Dorit Kemsley's Husband PK Must Reveal Finances in Court Regarding Debt

Dorit Kemsley‘s husband, Paul Kemsley – also known as PK – is being ordered to reveal his finances in court.

The ruling is regarding a $1.2 million debt stemming from money The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star previously borrowed back in 2011.

While Dorit and PK have yet to discuss their legal problems on the Bravo series, a Los Angeles judge has ordered PK to appear in court on June 19, 2019, where he will have to disclose his finances for a thorough examination.

During this court date, PK will reportedly have to share details about his assets, properties, bank accounts, and sources of income. The Blast reports that he will also have to include his Bravo check stubs, as the Bravo show is considered a source of income.

PK is being ordered to show his finances in court because he reportedly owes $1.2 million to a man named Nicos Kirzis.  Nicos claims that PK borrowed the money back in 2011, but argues that PK hasn’t made an effort to pay it all back. Nicos also alleges that PK tried to get out of the debt by filing bankruptcy. 

Even though PK reportedly made a recent payment of $250,000, Nicos argues that it only covers the interest on the loan and he still owes $1,235,573.66.

The lawsuit from Nicos is just one lawsuit in a string of a few. PK’s also made headlines over unpaid taxes to the tune of almost $1 million and alleged continuous spending. Dorit and PK probably won’t address these lawsuits on the upcoming reunion special, but PK will have to answer in court in about a month.


The good news for the Kemsleys is that they have made headway regarding their legal issues, as PK recently scored a win in another lawsuit. PK was being sued by a UK company called AR Legal Collections Limited last year, over claims that he hadn’t paid an outstanding $75,000 debt for betting. A judge, however, dismissed the claims against PK, granting his motion to have the case closed.  Additionally, he recently settled a $1.7 million lawsuit with the Bellagio casino after the two parties came to an agreement. 

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