Southern Charm New Orleans’ Reagan Charleston Slams Claims She Left Ex Jeff Charleston Over Money and Discusses “Volatility” in Their Marriage, Plus Is Jeff Dating Again?

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Southern Charm New Orleans' Reagan Charleston Slams Claims She Left Ex Jeff Charleston Over Money and Discusses Divorce, Plus Is Jeff Dating Again?

Reagan Charleston wants fans to know the truth behind her divorce from ex-husband Jeff Charleston.

As fans begin to learn more and more about the former couple’s split on Southern Charm: New Orleans, Reagan took to Twitter to fight back against rumors regarding her marriage and denied leaving Jeff due to money issues. 

“I didn’t talk about how messed up our marriage was because it was embarrassing and I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t happy. [Jeff] wasn’t happy. It was constant volatility and turbulence at home,” Reagan explained in her first tweet. “We were miserable.”

As most fans are aware, last season, Jeff accused his family of embezzling money from him, via an account with his NFL earnings. And for this reason, some fans suspected Reagan wanted out of her marriage due to money issues. Reagan is however strongly denying those claims. 

“And to the imbeciles saying I left bc of what happened with [Jeff’s] mom and saying it had to do with $ — we never had financial problems,” she continued. “Our house was paid off. I have a successful business. I was finishing law school. I have a super supportive fam.”

“I was just so happy to see @jefecharleston looking & feeling good. #SouthernCharmNOLA,” she added.

After facing turmoil during the first season of Southern Charm: New Orleans, Reagan, and Jeff called it quits on their marriage and just months after their relationship came to an end, Reagan began dating her now-husband, Reece Thomas, and conceived her first child.

Looking back, Reagan says that once she accepted that her marriage to Jeff had failed, she was able to move on and find the happiness she was looking for.

“For so many years, I hid what I was going through at home & what I was feeling. When I stopped hiding my problems, happiness found me. Don’t stay in a sad/bad situation bc other people don’t understand. Life is too short & you will miss out on the great stuff!” she wrote.

Meanwhile, during an appearance on After Buzz TV at the end of last month, Barry Smith and Justin Reese offered an update on Jeff and said that after getting back to dating, he may have found someone special a year after his split.

“Jeff is living his best life,” Barry said. “Jeff is doing good. He’s Jeff-free now.”

“He went out on a couple of dates,” Justin revealed. “He told me about one person but it’s so brand new. We’re still trying to wait and see how that develops for him.”

“Jeff is doing Jeff. He’s loving himself finally and I think that’s a good thing,” Barry added.

You can see more of Justin and Barry’s interview below with After Buzz TV below!

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