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Camille Grammer Reveals Why a RHOBH Producer Was Unhappy With the Cast, Says She is “Definitely Underpaid”

Camille Grammer Confirms She's Returning to RHOBH for Season 10, Will She Be a Full-Time or Part-Time Housewife? Find Out Now!

Camille Grammer Reveals Why a RHOBH Producer Was Unhappy With the Cast, Says She is "Definitely Underpaid"

Camille Grammer is revealing new details about what led up to filming on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season nine reunion in June.

In a series of tweets shared after a Twitter user claimed Camille hasn’t been asked to return to the show for season 10, Camille revealed what her co-stars did that allegedly upset one of her producers. Then, she told one of her followers she is “definitely underpaid” for her role on the show.

“They are all on a group text. I was removed from the group text weeks before the reunion. They prepared their canned answers for the reunion,” Camille explained in her first tweet.

Camille then suggested that her costars wouldn’t have anything authentic to bring to the show for season 10.

“So what are they going to plan/ stage in the future. Nothing authentic I’m sure from my experience filming the reunion,” she said.

Camille Grammer Reveals Why RHOBH Producer Was Unhappy With Cast

In her second tweet, Camille said the group text between cast members didn’t come as good news to one of her producers.

“One of the producers was frustrated about the group texting. He wanted me to bring it up during the reunion,” she continued.

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As for why the producer would be upset with the group text, it’s likely because the cast members used that as a way to stay united against Lisa, thus working out any issues they had among themselves privately, which meant the conflicts that remained in the public realm involved Puppy Gate, and later on in the season Camille. Most producers would prefer the women voiced their issues publicly rather than working it out privately.

While Bravo TV hasn’t made any official casting announcements in regard to who will and won’t be returning to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for season 10, some fans online have been responding to rumors regarding Camille’s potential exit.

“Camille’s not coming back season 10? I’m not surprised, she worked her a** off the whole season and she deserves a larger salary she doesn’t need to come back,” one person said.

After seeing what the person wrote, Camille shared her own thoughts in regard to her Bravo TV salary.

“I’m definitely underpaid,” she agreed.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 10 is expected to begin production in the coming weeks.

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