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Lisa Vanderpump is Considering Opening a New Restaurant in Miami, Could a Vanderpump Rules-Style Spinoff Be Coming Soon?

Lisa Vanderpump Considering Opening a New Restaurant in Miami, Could a Vanderpump Rules-Style Spinoff Be Coming Soon?

Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd appear to be considering expanding their restaurant empire to Miami.

Over the weekend, after being spotted outside of a restaurant in South Beach, where the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was seen “asking a lot of questions,” Lisa sparked rumors of a new Vanderpump Rules-style spinoff on Twitter.

“So excited if you are going to open on South Beach !! We need a breath of fresh air on Ocean Drive! [Lisa Vanderpump] please please any comment?” a fan wrote on Twitter after sharing a photo of Lisa and Ken in Miami.+

“Leaving Miami now. Who knows what the future holds? But definitely exciting,” Lisa replied.

“Oh wow [Lisa Vanderpump] is outside this restaurant on South Beach asking a lot of questions…. hmmm what is going on?” the same fan wrote in the caption of a photo shared of the couple.

“Mmm maybe,” Lisa said in response to the message.

Lisa then said that a new restaurant in Miami was an “exciting” possibility.

“Thinking it thru… But it’s exciting for sure,” she teased.

While fans will have to wait and see if Lisa and Ken move forward with their potential plans to launch a new place in Miami, there’s already tons of buzz on Twitter in regard to a possible spinoff.

Last month, after rumors began swirling about a potential Vanderpump Rules-style spinoff in Las Vegas, where Lisa opened the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden earlier this year, Andy Cohen spoke to Page Six and made it clear that a spinoff was far from certain.

“It’s not a show that you can just turn cameras on in a new place,” he said. “Lindsay Lohan tried to do it with the Lohan beach thing. There also needs to be some rooting interest of why all these people are there together.”

According to Andy, Vanderpump Rules has seen success due to the history “between the people at Sur.”

“I think what makes ‘Vanderpump Rules’ work is that those people have known each other for years and Lisa has known them for so many years,” he added.

Lisa has also faced rumors of a potential spinoff at her West Hollywood animal rescue center, Vanderpump Dogs.

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