RHOD Star LeeAnne Locken Reveals the Status of Her Friendship with D’Andra Simmons, Accuses Mama Dee of Influencing D’Andra

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RHOD Star LeeAnne Locken Reveals the Status of Her Friendship with D’Andra Simmons, Accuses Mama Dee of Influencing D'Andra

The Real Housewives of Dallas star LeeAnne Locken is opening up about where she stands with costar D’Andra Simmons following their feud last season.

In season three of the RHOD, the falling out between former besties LeeAnne and D’Andra was a major storyline on the show. And as the new season approaches, LeeAnne reflects on dealing with rumors spread about her now-husband Rich Emberlinand the drama that erupted after she brought up issues about D’Andra’s finances.

“I was very blunt and very honest last season, when [D’Andra] started pulling away from me,” LeeAnne dished to the HollywoodLife. “I wish I would’ve known what she was saying during filming last year, because it would’ve been nice to address it on camera — and not listened to it from her confessionals.”

“When D’Andra and I became not friends anymore, it was like losing family,” added the reality star.

The Dallas housewife also admitted that the show itself was a big reason she couldn’t be friends with her Bravo costar anymore, along with the influence of D’Andra’s mother, “Mama” Dee Simmons.

“I think that Dee made it very clear at the reunion that that was exactly the reason for the fall out,” explained LeeAnne. “I think [Momma Dee] has 100% influence on her daughter. I think her daughter is how, who and why she is because of how Dee did or did not raise her.”

But as season three came to an end, LeeAnne and D’Andra appeared somewhat remorseful and even apologized for what they had done to each other. However, after everything that has happened between these two strong-willed women, is there any hope for a reconciliation? When asked where she stands with D’Andra these days, LeeAnne said it was rather complicated.

“I think this year, people are really going to understand the difficult, delicate, and dangerous situation between us. It’s not easy for either of us. And, I think it’ll be very clear why,” she explained. “[It’s] disappointing and sad more than anything. I think the turmoil between D’Andra and mine’s relationship has probably become the center of our show.”

Still, LeeAnne remains “always hopeful” about a reconciliation just months after D’Andra made it clear that she and LeeAnne “weren’t in the best place” but “not in the worst place.”

“I Never give up,” LeeAnne noted, adding “Look at me and Brandi [Redmond], come on.”

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