Andy Cohen Reacts to Claim That Bethenny Frankel Quit RHONY Over Money Dispute and Shares His Thoughts on Her Exit, Plus Does He Think She’ll Return?

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Andy Cohen Reacts to Claims That Bethenny Frankel Quit RHONY Over Money Dispute and Shares His Thoughts on Her Exit, Plus Does He Thinks She'll Return?

Andy Cohen is sharing his thoughts on Bethenny Frankel‘s unexpected exit from The Real Housewives of New York City.

During a recent episode of his podcast series, Andy Cohen Live, the Watch What Happens Live host reacted to the recent rumors claiming Bethenny quit the show after a supposed money dispute with Bravo TV. He also opened up about her departure and potential return.

According to Andy, when it comes to Bethenny’s exit from the show, he’s happy she stuck around for as long as she did.

“My overwhelming feeling about Bethenny leaving [RHONY], and I told her this six weeks ago were she going to leave, that I am so grateful that she came back,” Andy continued. “She already left is what we need to remember. So, we were so lucky to have these last seasons with her on it.”

He added, “It was just so fun to have her back and she brought so much to the show that I just am living in the gratitude of her second return and I will hopefully live in the gratitude of her third return, because we are much like the mob — you can’t get out.”

The Bravo host also reacted to the reports claiming a money dispute was the real reason Bethenny chose to walk away from the show.

“I’m not going to… I’m just going to leave it in my gratitude,” Andy said, not giving a direct answer after being asked about a potential money issue.

Bethenny appeared on the first three seasons of RHONY and later returned to her role during the series’ seventh season. As for a potential return, Andy is hopeful that Bethenny will one day be back on the show.

“Who knows? She now, she’s so still a part of everything that’s going on that you almost could see her dropping in,” he explained. “It’s like, ‘Oh my god. You know, okay, Bethenny’s at a party or Bethenny’s on this trip.’ You never know. I look forward to her in any capacity on the show and I’m just grateful that she was back at all… and we all should be.”

While there have been reports that Leah McSweeney has been brought onto the show and already begun filming, Andy made it clear that no one would be brought in as a replacement for Bethenny.

“Everyone was like who are you going to get to replace Bethenny? You don’t replace people,” he said. “The show keeps going basically, that’s what we’ve learned. In the galaxy of shows, the world continues to turn.”

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