Teen Mom OG Star Amber Portwood Threatens to Stab Boyfriend Andrew Glennon in the Neck in Disturbing Leaked Audio Footage

by Alyson Shepard Comments

Teen Mom OG Star Amber Portwood Threatens to Stab Boyfriend Andrew Glennon in the Neck in Disturbing Leaked Audio Footage

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood was caught yelling at boyfriend Andrew Glennon in a disturbing audio recording where she seemingly threatened his life.

Is Amber repeating her abusive ways? Just last Friday, audio of the MTV star allegedly verbally attacking her boyfriend was leaked by one of Andrew’s family members to a popular YouTube vlog.

According to Katie Joy, owner of the vlog Without a Crystal Ball, an audio recording of an argument that took place between the reality star couple on Christmas Eve of 2018 was sent to her by one of Andrew’s family members. It’s likely that this was done in hopes of shedding more light on the couple’s relationship given their explosive fight that occurred last July. This was one of two different incidents that were caught on tape and sent to the vlogger.

In the latest recording, listeners can hear the babbling of a baby, which is likely James, Andrew and Amber’s shared son. The Teen Mom OG star can also be heard threatening Andrew, and at one point she threatens to stab him in the neck.

“Thirty-two is when I wanted a baby!” Amber screams at her boyfriend in the audio recording. “So you tell me how I ended up not having a baby for 10 years! Fat a**!”

Just after this is shouted, things turn violent and sounds of what seems to be hitting are heard.

“Tell me how I had a motherf**king baby!” Amber yells. “Tell me! Tell me how!”

Andrew then begins to scream, “Ow! I’m holding James! Stop hitting me!”

After some more yelling, Andrew calmly asks his girlfriend, “Why are you so abusive?” Amber then suggests that Andrew “used her body” in order to have a baby with her.

Amber then appears to get angrier and exclaims, “I’m going to say this to you one more time you ugly f**king fat ass: get out of my house now! Get out!”

After more fighting takes place, the audio reveals that something is being thrown.

“You’re going to throw something at me with the baby?” Andrew asks.

“I will kill you! I will kill you! Get out!” the reality star screams angrily. “I’m gonna stab you in your neck!”

As fans likely remember, the MTV star was arrested last July after her boyfriend claimed she domestically assaulted him while he was holding their son. Following the arrest, Amber was reportedly charged with domestic battery, criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon, and domestic battery in the presence of a child.

Amber has struggled with bipolar depression and borderline personality disorder for years, and she has opened up about it in recent seasons of Teen Mom OG.  MTV has not officially fired Amber from Teen Mom OG, but that could change depending on what legal action is taken following these events.

Photo Credit: MEGA Agency