RHOC’s Gina Kirschenheiter Responds After Emily Simpson Calls Her Out for Laughing at Tamra’s Shrek Diss, Accuses Emily of Hiding Marriage Problems From Her and Reveals What She Admires About Tamra

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Gina Kirschenheiter is opening up about her tension with Emily Simpson and her friendship with Tamra Judge.

During a new interview, the Real Housewives of Orange County cast member explained why she laughed when Tamra compared Emily to Shrek before discussing the fallout of their friendship and revealing what she admires about Tamra.

“That scene with Tamra where Tamra’s calling her Shrek or whatever, I was uncomfortable,” Gina admitted to The Decider on October 1. “I laugh, but I told her to be nice.”

According to Gina, she’s been doing her best to navigate through the drama between her co-stars, but she finds it tough to be in the middle.

“It’s tough with Emily because Emily has insecurities and we’re very different people,” Gina explained.

Following Tamra’s diss on RHOC, Emily took to her Twitter page, where she wondered why Gina was so amused by Tamra’s mean comment.

While Emily has accused Gina of being unresponsive to her calls and texts, Gina credited her lack of communication to her own struggles with depression before suggesting Emily suffers from abandonment issues she suspects stem from her childhood.

“It is very difficult for her because she never had this natural connection with some of the other women in the show, and then to see me have it, and then to see that we’re not having it, was rough for her, and I get that. But at the same time, it’s like, I really just had the sh*ttiest year of my life and I felt like Emily was more concerned about our friendship, rather than just being a friend to me,” Gina said.

In addition to reportedly ignoring what Gina was going through during filming, including her DUI charge and her drama with estranged husband Matt Kirschenheiter, Emily was allegedly keeping her marriage problems with husband Shane Simpson from Gina.

“She wasn’t sharing with me anything that was going on in her world. Me seeing all this stuff between Shane and her, I can think it or feel it, but I would ask her about it all the time and she wasn’t saying anything, so as far as I knew, everything was great,” Gina revealed.

As for her thoughts on Tamra, Gina said she appreciates that her co-star is a “jeans and T-shirt chick” who “stays true to herself.”

“I like that about her too… she is who she is,” Gina said.

“Even though now she has this big, beautiful house, which I’m so happy for her, but she’s worked so hard to get it, and she doesn’t live above her means,” Gina continued. “Some things she has are obviously nice, but mostly it’s like ‘Let’s shop at H&M’ or she has the one nice belt that she wears with a leather jacket and jeans. And that helps me, because when we go to these parties I know that she’ll be in jeans too.”

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