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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

RHOBH’s Lisa Vanderpump Accuses Sarah Paulson of Trying to “Sully” Her Reputation, Wants Her to Offer Details of “Not Nice” Encounter

Former RHOBH Star Lisa Vanderpump Accuses Sarah Paulson of Attempting to 'Sully' Her Reputation

Lisa Vanderpump isn’t done with Sarah Paulson.

After the actress told Vanity Fair that Lisa was “not nice” to her during an encounter in 2015, the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star fired back by suggesting she didn’t know who Sarah was. Now, Lisa’s sharing even more tweets, accusing Sarah of attempting to “sully” her reputation and joking about an upcoming appearance.

Following a tweet from a fan who suggested Sarah “likes” bullies, Lisa accused her of attempting to tarnish her reputation with no actual proof of wrongdoing.

“I think before somebody tries to sully your reputation, they should be specific, when where and what was said,” Lisa explained.

RHOBH Lisa Vanderpump Accuses Sarah Paulson of Trying to Ruin Her Reputation

A short time later, Lisa, who quit RHOBH in June, said that because she meets so many people every week at her many restaurants, including her newest hotspot, the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden in Las Vegas, and other events, she couldn’t possibly remember each and every person.

“I meet hundreds of people a week in my restaurants at appearances functions and events and normally a very enjoyable experience lol.
However knowing who everybody is impossible,” she wrote.

Lisa then poked fun at Sarah’s diss by joking that she will do her best to be nice to the people she meets next week in Las Vegas, where she will be serving as the Grand Marshall of the city’s Pride Festival.

“I will be meeting thousands of you in Vegas next week as grand Marshall of pride and I will try to be nice lol,” she tweeted. “Do come support. #LGBT.”

Immediately after Sarah dissed her to Vanity Fair, Lisa took to Twitter, where she admitted she wasn’t sure who Sarah actually was.

“I am sorry, not sure I know her and I don’t believe or remember meeting her…I try to be nice to everybody lol,” she tweeted.

A short time later, Reality Blurb shared a photo of Lisa and Sarah posing with actor Andrew Rannells and another man at the Family Equality Council event in March 2015.

Photos Credit: Jesse Grant/Bravo, Kathy Hutchins/


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