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Real Housewives of New York City

Bethenny Frankel Reveals the Real Reasons She Quit RHONY, Denies Having Any Regrets, Plus What She Misses About the Show

Bethenny Frankel Reveals the Real Reasons She Quit RHONY, Denies Having Any Regrets Plus What She Misses About Show

The Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel is dishing on why exactly she chose to quit the show when she did.

Will fans ever get over the fact that Bethenny is really leaving RHONY? Maybe not. But according to the Bravo star, doing so simply made sense. Bethenny opened up about her thought process behind making the decision to leave the housewives while being interviewed at All Markets Summit this past Thursday in New York.

“It wasn’t about money,” the Skinny Girl mogul said after explaining why she wanted to leave the hit reality show, as reported by Yahoo. “When I joined the uh, housewives, everyone told me not to do it and I went with my gut to do it. And when I thought about leaving, everyone told me not to leave and I went with my gut to leave.”

While exiting RHONY may not have been about the money to Bethenny, other New York housewives have expressed wanting larger paychecks in order to keep filming. But the tell-it-like-it-is reality star stands firm behind the fact that leaving was truly all about timing.

“Leaving the housewives was because I think that I just didn’t want to be at the party where my eyelashes were falling off at two o’clock in the morning, not literally on the show, which that would happen also, but the metaphorical eyelash-hanging-off party,” Bethenny joked. “I like to leave when something for me is at its peak and I was talking to Bravo about many different things and I just decided let’s roll, it’s time to go.”

Since announcing her exit from the hit reality show, Bethenny has shared with fans that she’ll still be working in the world of television to some degree as she entered a new business partnership with television producer Marc Burnett. But just because she has a lot of new projects on the horizon doesn’t mean she won’t miss some things about being on RHONY.

“It wasn’t that easy to leave because I was being paid very, very well,” the mother-of-one admitted in the interview. “And I like the comedy. I miss the comedic outlet.”

But when the New York housewife was asked if she’d ever go back to the show, she was quick to say no since she feels she’ll already be on TV enough.

“I don’t want to be on everyone’s television everywhere and that audience, I already know,” explained Bethenny. “I’ve already connected with that audience. I would like to connect with a new audience in a different platform.”

While it seems that Bethenny’s life on RHONY has officially come to an end, fans can rest assured they’ll still see plenty of the Bravo star elsewhere.

Photo Credit: John Nacion/Everett Collection/Alamy


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