RHONJ’s Jackie Goldschneider Gives Update on Relationship With Teresa Giudice and Admits Not Feeling Bad for Joe, She Addresses Dad’s Comment About Eating Disorder and Talks New Season

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RHONJ's Jackie Goldschneider Gives Update on Relationship With Teresa Giudice and Admits Not Feeling Bad for Joe, She Addresses Dad's Comment About Eating Disorder and Talks New Season

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jackie Goldschneider is speaking out about where she stands with Teresa Giudice these days following her past spats with the series’ OG and her comments about Joe Giudice. She also addresses her dad’s controversial statements about her eating disorder, which were recently featured in the season 10 trailer, and she opened up about the upcoming episodes.

First, Jackie explained why she doesn’t have any regrets about giving Teresa a piece of her mind during her first season on the show.

“I think that’s where I was at the time. Teresa had been very cruel to me, so no matter what was going on in her personal life, I didn’t feel bad for her because she was taking it out on me,” Jackie told TooFab before going on to admit her feelings towards Teresa have however since changed.

“At that time, that’s how I felt, but I wouldn’t say that’s how I feel anymore,” she explained, adding that fans will see “part two of the story with me and Teresa this season.”

During RHONJ season nine, Jackie brought up Joe’s prison stint and impending deportation, which immediately got a rise out of Teresa, and admitted she found it “hard to feel bad” for him at the time.

In one particularly upsetting scene of the RHONJ season 10 trailer, Jackie is seen discussing her struggles with an eating disorder with her father, who said she was a “good inspiration to kids who are heavy” as they looked back on past photos of a heavier Jackie. Then, after pointing out that her anorexia nearly killed her, her father said it was “almost worth it.”

Reflecting on the bizarre comment, Jackie insisted her father didn’t mean what he said. “What he meant was that he knew how much it upset me to be overweight, and I was significantly overweight, and he knows how good I feel in my skin now. So I think he was probably saying, ‘Whatever you had to go through was worth it,'” she explained.

While Jackie feels much better in her own skin today, she admitted to getting her lips done after season nine due to the backlash she received from fans over her naturally thin lips.

“Last season, people had a lot to say about my lips. Oh, my goodness! They called me paper-cut lips!” Jackie shared. “And it got inside my head, and as soon as filming for season nine was over, I went and I got lips. I mean, I never even thought about it before; I always thought I had nice lips! But I got lips, and I’m actually really happy. They do look much better.”

In regard to what fans can expect to see from the upcoming episodes of season 10, Jackie said there was “a lot of drama” during filming.

“There’s a lot of good times, and you’ll see a lot of really strong friendships — legitimate, real friendships — and I think that’ll reflect, and people will be able to see that. I’m really proud of this season. I’m really excited for it,” she explained.

“There’s definitely some surprising drama,” Jackie added. “Some of it shocked me! I was very surprised. Something that I think you’ll see right at the beginning of the season caught me very off guard and upset me terribly.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 10 premieres on Wednesday, November 6 at 8 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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