Fans Slam Jax Taylor for Attacking Random Man on Twitter, Suggesting He is Gay & Calling Him “Ugly” and “Fat” Over a Hockey Tweet as Vanderpump Rules Star Insists He’s Not Homophobic

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

Vanderpump Rules' Jax Taylor Attacks Random Man on Twitter, Suggests He is Gay, Calls Him "Ugly" and "Fat" But Insists He's Not Homophobic

Jax Taylor randomly targeted a man with hateful posts on Twitter over the weekend.

Just one week after insisting he and wife Brittany Cartwright are super happy and trying to start a family together, despite rumors of marital turmoil, the Vanderpump Rules star set his sights on a man named Mike, who had innocently shared a post about hockey that didn’t mention Jax at all.

“Does @adidashockey need some designers? #woof,” Mike wrote in response to a couple of photos of the Nashville Predators’ Winter Classic sweaters.

“Funny my wife said the same thing about your profile pic… Mike,” Jax, 40, replied.

Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor Makes Fun of Man's Profile Photo on Twitter

After likely being caught off-guard by Jax’s social media attack, Mike attempted to fight back by sharing a photo of Jax’s wife and suggesting the reality star couldn’t “get the job done for her pal.”

In response, Jax made an even lower blow. Jax slammed the Twitter user as “ugly” and “fat” before taking aim at his face and suggesting he lives in his parents’ basement.

“Buddy, again look at your ugly mug, and by the looks of that fat face you [couldn’t] fit into anything [Adidas Hockey] or any athletic apparel for that matter,” Jax tweeted. “Typical zit faced douche who chips company’s for attention. Go back to your parents basement homie.”

Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor Slams Man on Twitter as Ugly and Fat

“[You’re] the type of guy who is in frat and claims he loves women, but secretly is bending over his roommate ‘chadd’ while wearing boat shoes. 20 bucks says I hit the nail on the head with this loser,” Jax continued, suggesting Mike is gay.

Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor Suggests Twitter User is Gay

Following Jax’s suggestion that he is gay, Mike pulled up a couple of articles, one of which mentioned Jax and Brittany’s pastor, who had previously been accused of making anti-LGBTQ statements, and another that mentioned Jax’s cheating scandal.

“Also, maybe you too should not be the first to cast stones,” he wrote in the caption of his screenshots.

But that only fueled Jax, who shared yet another post and labeled Mike as a “loser” for being on blogs on a Friday night.

“Look at this loser, it’s Friday night homie and [you’re a] straight man looking up ‘Page Six’ looks like I was right,” Jax stated.

Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor Slams Man for Looking at Blogs

After the idea of homophobia was mentioned amid Jax’s drama with Mike, the reality star shared a tweet with his online audience in which he insisted he was not homophobic.

“I lived in West Hollywood for 15 years, worked at the abbey ( highest grossing bar in the country) (gay bar). I walked in 4 gay pride parades, I had my good friend Lance bass marry us, 50 percent of my friends are gay. But yes, You got me, I am homophobic… people are idiots,” he wrote.

After Jax shared these tweets, he received a ton of backlash from fans who were stunned at his bizarre rant which stemmed from someone simply commenting about a hockey jersey.

“He is seriously the most gross human being ever,” wrote one person.

“Best thing I did was unfollow him , he beyond cray, just too off the rails that one,” another person tweeted.

“So I think these tweets are enough for him to lose Vanderpump Rules. He’s CANCELLED!” a fan of the show added.

“They capitalize on the LGBT community but won’t say anything about this….” wrote one more person seemingly about Jax’s costars.

Vanderpump Rules season eight is expected to air on Bravo TV sometime later this year.